Audio rack

Looking for a nice audio rack vertical with 6 total shelves including top for turntable.
Depending on your turntable and the rack, 6 shelves may be a shelf, or two, too far.
I would recommend audio rack from Core Audio Designs. Speak to Arnold and he can customize a rack to your exact specifications.

The plyKraft will provide solid foundation for your turntable and rest of your components. They are built to last lifetime. Unlike most wood based racks, Core’s shelves are preloaded with dampening materials. Another plus, you can add or reduce the vertical height by ordering new sets of legs.
I second the recommendation from lalitik, Core Audio designs are esthetically and functionally superb. My TT and associated equipment sits on a 3 shelf plyKraft rack. They look incredible and are extremely well build. These racks are so sturdy you can jump up and down in front of it whilst playing an LP and nothing happens. Although not recommended, give it a kick, yep, nothing happens.
I have a 6 shelf Solid Steel Rack from Italy which was $1499.00. Best rack I ever owned. 
If you want a rack built to your exact specification and that is a bespoke piece of furniture check out BSR Woodworks.
Far less painful in the checkbook as well.

+1 maxwave

If you do go for solid tech, feet of silence under the rack for sure would help with isolation.

There's also the Townshend - seismic isolation stand?
Perhaps a better option is to get something you like, or BSR custom to something you like the look of on the internet, and put Townshend seismic corners under it?

I am having a two tier low level rack built for my system out of a metal frame and mesquite wood locally sourced. I have incorporated tuned mass on springs in my design. I am trying to keep it low, like when people place an amp on an isolation platform in front to not get in the way of speaker imaging - but also not have long cable runs.

Check out 

Harmonihyllan…translation is harmony Table.  The owner created these with the philosophy of the suggested surface for Linn LP12 was originally IKEA Lack, from Linn, “a rigid lightweight shelf”  

from peoples opinions I value and trust, these shelving systems are revolutionary  

many indicating a lesser component on these units outperforms the upgraded component on an “basic” Quadraspire rack.  Well that’s pretty impressive for sure.  



Sanus CFR1615-B is a sturdy and stylish audio rack with 6 shelves, including a top shelf that can accommodate a turntable. It features a heavy-gauge steel frame and a tempered-glass shelf design that can support up to 200 lbs per shelf. The rack also includes a cable management system to keep your cables organized and tidy. 

While the Sanus CFR1615-B does come with cable management features, some users have reported that it may not be sufficient for their needs, and that additional cable ties or organizers may be required.