Audio shops near Clearwater, Florida

I would like to know if we have any audio shops near Clearwater, Florida. I did find Sweet Home Audio in Clearwater. But besides that, does anyone know any other shops in and around Clearwater? Any recommendations?
I never bought anything from AV South. I'm not sure how good they are to deal with. If you're willing to drive, I know a few really good places on the east coast.
Unfortunately, being a family vacation, driving to east coast is not an option.
I listened to some Wilson Audio loudspeakers today and really liked the massive sound they projected in the room. What speakers in the $8k range would produce at least 80% of this sound?
It depends on what Wilson's you're talking about, as well as the electronics driving them. My $2000 Vandersteen Model 2's have no problem besting my $10,000 Wilson Cubs, when set up properly.