Audio tips for rewiring old home

We purchased an older home that requires a lot of electrical work before we move in - a new breaker, a new receptacle connecting to the city power, and probably some rewiring bc many of the outlets are not grounded. 
Would appreciate any audio-related tips that I might keep in mind as we do this. I don’t have a lot of extra funds so probably won’t consider a dedicated power line. But I was thinking of adding a few hospital grade outlets in rooms I would likely have a system in, and perhaps try to include data cables so I can plug in rather than use wifi.  Any other ideas? Tnx 
Given all that needs to be done, especially with all that rewiring, I don’t think it would cost much more to have your electrician run a dedicated line of 12/2 to a 20 amp breaker, and connect that to a pair of those hospital grade outlets in one room. There’s thicker 10 gauge noise rejecting audiophile type cable available - but that will be pretty expensive and maybe not really needed, in my opinion, however if I had to do mine again I would take a look at something like JPS Labs cable. I used to have an old style 100 amp service panel that took push button breakers that seemed to loosen up over time. I was glad to have the new 200 panel installed, which has the kind that switch left/right. Whether that made an audible difference I can’t say, but it speaks to the need to have tight connections. And on your outlets, insist that the terminal screws are used, not the push in connectors. I’m also a firm believer in power conditioning and/or regeneration, which you can save up for.
Your most cost-effective move by far will be to run one 20A line direct to your main system outlet. That's it. Use ordinary $2 or whatever outlets. If you want, go to the hardware store and give them a real good look, some use better construction than others, pay an extra buck or two for those. Hospital grade is a joke, with nothing any different in the way of sonics. Then later you can figure out if you want to buy Synergistic Blue or Orange, outlets that actually will make a difference. 

Then run whatever other circuits you need the normal way. Just make sure your one direct line goes to your system, as you will not want anything connected to the system connected to anything else.
Hospital grade grips tighter. Not as funny haha as Synerjizztick though.

String some Cat8 to future proof for a few years. Although I have no lan cable installed. I'm happy with a Node router 
Don't forget Ethernet! :)

Don't care what brand, but it's always good to have Ethernet options for streaming in the bedrooms and listening rooms. 
Install some outlets up on the walls to allow for wireless speakers coming down the road. Self-powered, wireless speakers will be the norm soon and nothing dorkier than extension cords hanging down from your speakers. Don't forget the ceiling speakers for Atmos and the like.
For your listening room use shielded cable. I would go 1 gauge heavier than 12.
@ptss what shielded cable would you recommend? Are we talking shielded romex cable? Thanks.
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