Audiogon Hall of Fame? And the nominees are...

Several threads of late have been devoted to providing words of kindness and appreciation to fellow members and the AudiogoN staff for making the shared experience here so wonderful and unique. Another set of threads has lamented the paucity of high quality reviews (or, more to the point, the influx of mediocre reviews) resulting from the giveaway sweepstakes currently in progress. It occurs to me that it may be more appropriate to reward those who have made the greatest contribution to the forums over these past years!

I nominate the following 5 individuals to the A'gon Hall of Fame:


I've limited myself to 5 and have simply named those who came to mind most quickly. I haven't entered into any transactions with these gentlemen, but have learned so much from their posts. There are dozens more... tell me, who are they?

My only rule is nothing negative!
Wmcmanus I don't mean to rain on your parade but I have misgivings about this type of thing.
Audiogon is a great site but EVERYBODY has a part to play I believe by constantly going on about the same people demeans both their contribution and allows an aspect to develop which will make people feel excluded.
There are people who contribute fantastic things to this site, precious time spent studying all the aspects of our hobby and sharing their findings with us all.
I can think of at least two contributers who aren't mentioned in your list and should be well above some others imho.
Where will this end?
More controversally nobody is a saint I've seen some rude and curt postings and have experienced personally some regreatable behaviour by those held in high regard on this site and yes I too have behaved like a moron on this site in the past.
Give praise where it's due by all means but let's not turn it into a competition-many great things are done behind the scenes by more silent members who help on an individual basis.
Posting is only one aspect to this site.
I've even seen my own name being praised very occassionally and yes it is nice but as a grown man I don't really like the fawning and frankly endless pointless praising done in certain quarters.
Maybe it's an American thing.
Relationships have been formed on this site,a sense of community for some has developed and after a painful period Audiogon has (mostly)settled down to be a great site.
Audiogon deserve praise for that as do the members but please let's not go down a route which is similar to the rating debacle we had in the past.
Praise where's it due but let's not over do it.

I agree with Ben - the value in a site like this is the number of quality posters and the variety of the points of view and experiences. Good posts and good posters are regularly acknowledged, and it seems that any attempt to create a list of "exceptional" contributors is just a slippery slope that adds no real value to the site.

I nominate AudiogoN for all the work they've done to make our obsession a reality. Is that nominate or blame!?!
Since I am named above, I am staying out of it. :^)

But seriously, I very much enjoy this site and it's posters. I've made friends here. Everyone, especially myself, can get a short-fuse now and then. And I'm sure I'm known as being highly opinionated. But I do try to be helpful to others in my posts. All the others mentioned have been helpful to me, as well as many, many who were not mentioned. Of all the posters here, Albert Porter has been the most influential on me, and I feel he is the "guiding light" on this site.

My comment would be that we should all work together to keep this site at the high level that has been achieved, and move toward even higher goals. With some effort and vision, this site can be the mecca for audiophiles that have been all-but-abandoned by the audio magazines in favor of their advertising dollars. Arnie and his staff cannot do this alone. Our actions and input will ultimately determine the quality of this site. We all want to have a great info resource and forum and quality conversation. We can only get that if every one of us works together to achieve it. One day at a time, one post at a time.
I think it's a good idea. Perhaps we could do it on an annual basis with the results posted at years end. Five is a lot to deal with but since it's started lets go with it. I suggest 5 point for each #1 position and descending points there after. I would be willing to contribute a small amount of $ towards a prize. Each set of nominations should come from members only and either limit it to one set of votes per member or a set contribution must acompany each ballot entry. Perhaps a percentage of the prize money could go to the winner and the balance to charity, paramaters can be decided latter ( I have my own favorites, but perhaps one that goes to help the deaf, or towards musical education or electronic/acoustic physics education would be most appropriate or winners choice ?). Perhaps the retailers would consider contributions. I think a Hall of shame prize (1 vote) is not crazy, with some sort of book on web etiquite or basic English or basic technology as a prize. Every one is a winner!
I believe I admire and respect the above nominees as much as anyone. I could give any one of them a set amount of cash to purchase a system for me and they would probably spend more wisely than I ever could. That's a pretty big compliment since I've never met them. The unsung heros are those folks that exhibit small acts of kindness outside of the forums. If I had to add to the list it would certainly include someone that ends each post with I remain, Clueless. I nominate that username and closing as the best I've ever seen. I chuckle every time I see it.
Unsound, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I even did it out loud. And I wonder why my wife thinks I'm crazy!
I am concerned about this award being anything more than a popularity contest, but at the same time I would admit my list would include four out of the five people nomintated. At the risk of sounding like a synchophant Albertporter is the most helpful person I have ever encountered in the Audio industry, or anything associated with it. He is intelligent, well traveled and more than capable of engaging in meaningful conversation. And he likes European import autos!!!
Twl has been very helpful answering questions I posted and has provided additional help when I asked him questions outside this forum.
Sean is very knowledgable and helpful inspite of the accusations of Natalie and I would hate to see him leave. There are lots of other helpful people here who have made this an enjoyable escape for a few minutes every day. Thanks everyone!!!
I enjoy this website for the knowlege, gear, and anonimity. Placing some kind of heiarchy on the members will only deter from the purpose. I agree with Ben. Also Bob_bundus should be mentioned as a contributor. I think a heartfelt thank you would be the highest reward. Thanks you gentlemen.
Why don't we folks give such opportunity to judge Audiogon on who is the best?

We're all humans communicating between each other here and everyone of us has our own opinion that will realy flod this thread in dissorganized way with our own judgements why one is better than the other. Let's say we're all going to anonimosely vote and write any member except yourself(please only one!!!) to the created somehow if possible vote box by Audiogon. I've seen the tremendows job done by its developers within the fantastically short time frame and I believe that this interesting proposition should take place for us on that behalf.

I hope that Audiogon will not miss this opportunity and whoever is with me on that issue please support and request!
Well said, Ben (and others). I didn't have a popularity contest in mind and certainly didn't contemplate any sort of complicated formula with a "winner" who receives a cash prize and a charitable donation as suggested by Unsound. My intent was to more to allow fellow members to give thanks where thanks is due, but this occurs naturally on a daily basis. I'm still relatively new to high-end audio, and living in the Caribbean, the A'gon forum has become a great resource for me. Incidentally, many of the posters on this thread would have made my honorable mention list.
Thanks Wm; while I consider it an honor to be included with the A'Gon members you mentioned in your thread, on balance I've got to agree with Ben's well stated post too. When I come across a thread or post that I think is exceptional, I like to comment on it in the thread, and there are many many Audiogon members that have made many many excellent posts/threads.

When Audiogon experimented with "voting" last year, it was pretty much a dismal failure and was thankfully abandoned.

My hat's off to all Audiogon members and management that make this a special site. Cheers. Craig
Nrchy, I'm somewhat embarrassed to tell you that I'm not all that clever and I was being sincere. I'm glad you enjoyed the laugh though, seems we could use more laughter around here lateley.
It seems to me the intention here is to recognize a few individuals who enrich our lives on a daily basis.
Although my tastes and opinions may differ from the above
mentioned, I have never seen any of these fine gents give
bad advice. To this I applaude. I myself never start a post
for conversation sake. I only seek advice of others when needed and offer it when I can.

Guess I might as well join the love-fest. This site provides such a wealth of knowledge & of course I'm proud to be a part of it all; it is nice to be appreciated, so thanks Joman for the above honorable mention. So many contributors here are all participating to make the site what it is, & let's not forget Arnie & his gang too! It's not the site per se but the membership & conscientious management that make Audiogon such a great place to be a part of.
Ben above mentions all of the behind-the-scenes activities which go on un-seen, but definitely not un-noticed. I regularly, almost daily, receive email from others, even non-members, asking detailed questions for help & advice, some even offering unsolicited help/advice to me as well. I've spent numerous hours replying to those who asked questions all acros the range; have also talked with some of them on the phone or even face-to-face. It's a learning experience for all, including the 'teachers'.
My own personal audio rig has also benefited significantly & economically from these exchanges, & the rate of growth far exceeds what I could have accomplished simply on my own. In fact, one of the most significant tweaks that I've ever encountered was the result of an unsolicited email from Jadem6, Mr. JD MacRae, so I definitely want to publicly acknowledge that wonderful gesture of kindness. We have all helped to create a great community of amazingly international proportions. Nice thread!
I hope nobody minds me borrowing this thread but I thought making this an annual event might be a good idea. My nominations for the year 2002:
Albert Porter
Audio Engineer