Audiokinesis Speakers

Does anyone have any experience with Duke's speakers? (Great guy by the way.) He's working on a new design that would work well with classical and tube amps.

I'd appreciate any thoughts people have on his current speakers.

I currently have Totem Arros -- while nice, they just seem to be missing something.


While I have not heard Dukes work I do know a bit about the design and parts used, hes offering alot of value for the cost outlayed. My friends a dealer for totem so I hear all models. Sure Dukes would be the better sounding loudspeaker design. Plus you get to purchase from 1 of the good guys in audio and that should be taken into consideration. Wonder if he set up for in home demos wouldnt hurt to ask him.
Hi Tim,

I heard Duke's speakers at the 2007 RMAF in Denver. I was very impressed with both model's. It was some of the best sound I heard at the show. If I was not so happy with my Gallo Reference 2 speakers, I would be jumping on a pair of the Jazz Modules at $4500 a pair. The Dream Maker sounded wonderful too, but was a little steep for me at $9000 a pair. The cabinets were beautiful. I highly recommend both of these speakers for having a very natural sound. You are right about Duke being a great guy. He went out of his way to demo the speakers for me.
Are you kidding? The speakers are winners every show! Dukes room is on most everyones short list to visit . It is always standing room only.
I was at the RMAF show also. The Jazz Modules are great. He was using Atma-sphere amp and pre amp. It was the best I heard Atma-sphere. Realistic energy but yet smooth. I agree with slowhand the cabinets are beautiful. I visited the room 3 times and every time it was busy. Have known and purchased several pieces of gear from Duke for about 6 years. He truly is one of the best.
such as it is, here it is:

I guess Duke is too busy to keep it current.
I demoed them in-home last year - fabulous in every respect. The size was just too imposing for the room according to my wife so my Totem Hawks are still in place.