Audioquest Pegasus XLR Interconnects

There’s about a million different cable options/brands out there to choose from. All at different price points, from DIY to having to practically mortgaging the house expensive. Copper? Silver? You make the choice. Everyone has a different experience in their audio journey. For me, the Audioquest Pegasus (XLR) interconnects were an absolute game changer!!! The Pegasus interconnects are the most fabulously built, and the most fabulous sounding interconnects that I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in over 30 years in high end audio!!!  Within the Audioquest hierarchy of interconnects, Pegasus represents their highest quality pure copper interconnect offering.  For those of you who were ever curious about this particular model in the Audioquest lineup, I will bear witness that, IMHO,  the Pegasus are absolute world class performers that will make you question the need to send more on interconnects.  For this audiophile, the Audioquest Pegasus represents my absolute "End-Game" interconnects.  Happy listening.       


Hi Kennymacc,

I recently upgraded from Audioquest earth to the Pegasus. I have to agree, the improvement was very noticeable. Vocals are very clear and natural, and bass is well defined. Music and sounds that were in the background on a song seem more vibrant and more noticeable now. I know many on this site think it is a placebo effect, but I heard a difference.

Thanks for your report. Seems like Audio Quest has started doing something right in the last few years. 

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See my post reporting same benefit of Pegasus on 181824-129048 thread, which is titled Audioquest Pegasus vs Thunderbird Interconnects.

The new AQ cables from Garth at AQ are, in general, very good.

I would suggest that new buyers consider how they interact with each other. 

Johnny Rutan made this suggestion, and I have to believe him, as he knows these cables better than most.


@gdnrbob I believe that the new cables from Audioquest are truly outstanding, and also world-class reference level, and not just merely "very good." Especially when you start talking about AQ mid level and above cables. I have two other brands of cables in my system besides AQ, so my personal cable preferences are not AQ exclusive. There’s a plethora of manufacturers out there (even some that we aren’t very unfamiliar with) who make brilliant sounding cables, and AQ is just one of them. I would suggest that new buyers do there best to audition as many cables as they possibly can to determine what synergizes best in their audio rig. Ultimately, that’s the only way. Happy listening.

@kennymacc nice! Are you going for a full AQ setup? Or still mixing and matching? What’s the projected end state with cabling in your system?

@audphile1  I've always been a cable mix-and-match kind of guy.  This method seems to work best for me.  Also, I strongly believe that my current mix of cables are my end-game cables.  Happy listening.    

I’ve been following the new Audioquest Mystical Horse series and the Pegasus seems like Audioquest is trying to make their top technologies available at the lowest price point.  Congrats on your endgame cables

@kennyc  I'm a big fan of Audioquest cables.  My very first high end cables were Audioquest Midnight speaker cables, way back in 1999.  Currently, Audioquest makes more cable models than you can shake a stick at.  I started with Earth, then upgraded to Pegasus.  The Audioquest Mystical Horses series Pegasus worked so well in my system that, I nixed plans to also bring in a pair of Fire and Thunderbird for audition.  Anything beyond Thunderbird wound have been beyond my pay grade.  Fortunately, Pegasus knocked the ball out of the park in my system and ended my new interconnects upgrade search.   Happy listening. 

maybe this isn't the forum for you. ASR is always looking for new talent. 


I had the Pegasus XLR interconnects in my Audio Research LS28SE/Mcintosh MC462 system and did not like them.   I thought they were thin sounding and  bright.   I replaced them with the Thunderbirds and now am very happy.  

As I've touted from the mountain top, as much as I like the Pegasus in my system,

I've just ordered the Thunderbird XLX, and look very much forward to receiving them.  Happy listening.

Let me know your thoughts when you have a chance to compare them.  I also have the Pegasus, and really like them.

@bwguy  The Pegasus sounds so excellent in my system, I'm still questioning my decision to pull the trigger on the Thunderbird.  Now, I'm expecting the far more expensive Thunderbird to fly me to the moon.  I'll let you know.

iMO and frankly experience, above Pegasus… i would advise a demo loan ….. i’ve had all 4 for two weeks…. just my $1.05….

Sure , I thought about a demo loan.  However, since the Thunderbird is an upgrade to and a higher performer than the Pegasus (copper), which I absolutely love, I'm pretty confident that the Thunderbird will be more to my liking than the Pegasus. If I were getting into one of AQ top silver cables, then I would be worried that they would tip my system toward the bright side, which would definitely warrant a demo loan.  I absolutely Iove AQ high grade copper interconnect, so I figured I might as well go for their best copper interconnects.  I'm hoping that the Thunderbird will be my last interconnects.