Axpona Show 2019

Over 400 exhibitors, growing to be the premiere audio show in NA. Also will have Paul Reed Smith (PRS GUITARS) doing a one hour presentation, he is a big audiophile and amazing guitar player/builder. The only guy who could really compete against Fender and Gibson. I like that the show is branching out to other music platforms. So looking forward to all 3 days. I see some new speaker cables in my future.

I’m going to really try to get there -coming from Indy. I still protest the lack of effort these shows put into providing a list of partnering lodging to make thing easy for out-of-towners. Really second-rate organization.
There are 4 hotels listed on the Axpona site under Travel, in addition to the hosting hotel, not sure if that qualifies as partnering lodging, they are all close to the show. Rates look reasonable for Schaumburg. From what I have seen the Axpona team is 1st rate and put on an excellent accommodating show.
I lived in that area when I worked at the Sears home office. Hope I can find a decent room. Be sure to take some Mucinex to make the most of your hearing!
I will be attending the AXPONA show for the first time.
Hope I see some old time audiogonner’s there.

It’s a 30 minute drive to the venue for me. Attending just one day (1st day). 
I’m going all 3 days, it won’t be returning until October 2020. I heard they tried to push it back this year to October but too many complaints. Fortunately I am only 20 minutes away. Check out Qintessence Audio rooms and Holm Audio both local dealers with great equipment. Each one will have 3 rooms. Also nice people from both dealers.
That was the idea until they realized they would be competing with Halloween and four other shows that are in early November. The dates for Axpona 2020 and 2021 remain in April....a week later then this year.

     I was headed from Indy to Chicago NW suburbs anyway for my Mom's 90th B-Day on Saturday April 13th.  So, I bought 2 1-day tickets and booked a room at the AXPONA hotel,Shaumburg Renaissance. 
    This will be my first AXPONA show but it looks like I'll only be attending for a few hours on Sunday 4/14 starting at 10 am.  I convinced my wife to be my wheelchair driver but I'm not sure how long she'll last.  I made a list of rooms to hit and I'll hopefully get to all these before she poops out.  I would've liked to attend the seminar on 'What's New with Audio Streaming?' but doubt I'll be able to.

I live in Chicago and was planning to attend, but we have some family issues on the East Coast that we have to deal with in person that weekend....sigh
Pops: " Congrats Noble100 on your mom’s 90th!"  

Thanks, Pops!  She's still in good health but it's kinda sad not knowing how many b-days she's got left.  I just try to go to see her as often as I can.
Where did you find a list of the rooms?"

Yes, there's a 10 page list that details all exhibitors in alphabetical order that lists room numbers. 


Listening Rooms: Room Numbers run from 304 to 1534, and also include names (ie Schaumburg, Utopia)

Ear Gear Expo: Locations start with the number 8 (ie. 8401, 8321)

The Expo Hall: Locations start with with number 9 (ie. 9307, 9316)

More Audio Brands are being added every day!

Just go to  and click on the following:

Downloadable Exhibitor List by Company Name
I just went through this list and made my own list of rooms I want to visit.  Only took me about 5 minutes.  
They also have a schedule listed on this site that details all 3 days, including all seminars/times and after hours free concerts.

Hopefully, we can meet.  Look for a white haired older guy being pushed around in a wheelchair by a very attractive older woman.  I think I'll only be able to attend on Sunday from 10 am to about 1 pm.

Hope to see you there,
 Go to the Axpona websight and click on Exhibit and Sponserships Info. Then click on Exhibit Maps. It will give you who is on what floor and in what room.
I look forward to being there throughout the show and will be doing some cartridge setups on Thursday for exhibitors. Mat and Harry Weisfeld of VPI will be doing presentations and demos in room 733 (Holm Audio) on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1 to 3. I'll be there on the sidelines. Stop by, say hi, and take a listen.

Brian Walsh
Thanks all for the info on the Exhibitors at AXPONA.
I'll be the good looking guy there that all the women want. LOL


   With all those women to choose from, I asked some members what you use for birth control?  The answers were unanimous: "your personality"

Here is the link to the floor layout: on the floors to see the maps.Vinh VuGingko AudioWe will be in Room 1520, showing the new Clarissa LE speakers driven by three different amps - tube, solid state, and Class D.
Here is my room hit list for Friday morning: 

16-Aster: Shelter 

384: Schiit

354: Fern & Roby

362: ATC/Lone Mountain Audio

442-444: Glenn Poor/Technics

452: Aesthetix

478: CPT A/V; Emerald Physics

552: Xact Audio

546: Linear Tube Audio

606: Linear Tube Audio

652: CAT

670: Benchmark Media Systems

696: Linear Tube Audio

1429: Sanders Sound Systems

1440: Durand Tonearms & Evolution Acoustics

1480: AGD Productions

8415: Linear Tube Audio

8470: Etymotic Research

9424: Mag-Lev Audio

I hope to go next year. I'm going to the Washington DC show in November---my first! Can't wait to go. Have fun everybody!
Can one of you gentlemen be kind enough to check out the Technics SL-G700 Network/SACD player and share your thoughts?