Bargain power conditioners

Does anyone have any experience using a power conditioner made for computers (ie: the APC Line R 600 which cost around $150) with a high end audio system (front end). It seems to me that these might provide a similar level of protection and enhancement for a fraction of the cost of an 'audiophile power conditioner'. Thanks.
The last thing you want to use is a computer conditioner/surge protection.Monster makes a decent one for around $150.00
David is correct do not use computer power protector, do get Monster HTS 2000, Robt Hartly from TAS was very impressed. Go to and get new one for $125.
Ditto on the suggestion to buy the Monster HTS2000. I wrote a lengthy comment several weeks ago about my quite negative experience with the HTS3500, so do not spend the extra money for this unit. The HTS2000 made a noticeable improvement in my own system -- both the audio and video -- and is well worth the $125 cost from "Global Mart" (see previous comment by Megasam). I would also recommend the HTS2000 over the HTS1000 - the "2000" has 2 outlets for power amps, which the "1000" does not.
Best Bang for the buck for a budget conditioner in my humble opinion is the Vansevers Super Companion; List $150; can be had for online for $129 at some dealers listed on the Vansevers web site. Even has detachable IEC power cord you can upgrade or tweek with. I did a comparison in my home with the Moster stuff. The Super Companion won hands down in my system. Much better lower end. I use it in a small system in my den. I have a Reference Vanevers on my main system.
PS: Forgot the mention that the Monster is not bad by any means. Actually very good. I have two. Both used for Video/DVD/VCR in family room and den TV systems.
I agree with everyone above. Before PS Audio came out with their new products, I tried the APC UPS from my home computer. For many reasons it became immediately apparent that it was not the correct choice. I bought an Adcom ACE-515 instead.
I have the Monster HTS2000 for 6 months now. Once the unit is burnt in (2-3 wks), it does not degrade the sound. Now my system sounds the same with or without it. I use as a surge protector and to have a peace of mind. For $125 from, that's is not too expensive.
I've been very happy with my Blue Circle Power Pillow. I don't use it for my amps, but everything else (pre/cd/table) are running through it. Smooth and non-limiting. I can't recall the price, but less than $500 for sure.
Just ordered the hts2000 from Globe-Mart for $125. Too bad shipping here to Canada is an addt'l $30. Still way ahead taking into account exchange as well as the list price here in Calgary, Alberta is $469 (cdn) and this one should cost about $250 (cdn) delivered. See how us poor canucks take it up the ass every time.... As a side note, I am not sure how my Bryston amp will now behave as Bryston recommends not using one of these type products. If it degrades the sound I am not sure what I can use (thats cheap) to protect the amp from surges & spikes?????
RGD fear not you will like the results, Robt Harly from TAS is not over hyping this product. BTW I have been getting great prices on Canadian stuff here, he he he, got price from authorized dealer here in USA for PSB Gold-i at $1699, retails usually for $ rate in our favor now, Sam
I would have to agree with the Monsters. I use a top of the line Monster HTS-5000 which is $599 and I love the littel voltage gauge! The monster conditioners are made by the same designer that made all the expensive MIT stuff. And it sounds the same. And if everything else goes, your paying for a $100,000 insured surge protector and have piece of mind
I bought a couple of the Monster 2000's from Globe Mart. If your interested in this specific unit, they have what is BY FAR the best price on it. After using this unit for a while, i substituted a used Adcom ACE 515 power conditioner ($50) for one of my Monster's. I immediately noticed increased bass weight with better tonal balance. I also noticed that the Adcom does not filter out as much noise or interference. Turning the light off and on in the next room now produces a "pop" out of the speakers when it did not effect anything when the HTS-2000 was hooked up. For those that are wondering, i only have my sources and preamp hooked up to the filters. The amp is in no way being current limited this way. Sean >
Does anyone have any recommendation on the Monster - HTS2500. The difference between this and the HTS2000 appears only to be the addition of three filters. Do you think this will improve/degrade the sound, and that it can be rack mounted.
Mike, stay with HTS2000, stage three filter in the 2500&3500 models sounds worse than HTS2000 IMO......I have tried both and use only HTS2000, Sam
Real Systems need real power conditioners. It's about energy storage to handle intense musical passages and surge protection. If you can justify spending $200+ on interconnects and power cords, do you really think a $200 power conditioner is worthy? Equi=tech and PS Audio are real world power line conditioners, and are available from
Isn't Audiogon great?
I've had a Monster 3500 for a long time and never gave it a thought. It was quiet and had a billion dollar lightning guarantee. But I read about the 2000 being better so I got one. EXCELLENT!
Removed layers, veils and washed the windows. Seriously, the imaging is better and different ambiance of concert halls are more clearly heard. Not just more clearly but the ambiance stands out and makes the presentation more real.
Megasam, if you see this I have to say that I am no longer as psyched about the Phillips 24/96 discs as I was. The remastering process is good, but it can't fix what was poor mike placement in the original recording. Now I have the Monster 2000, the lower brass is a blob in the right corner. Something not heard on other recordings.OTOH, what I thought was just another nice recording of Pictures and Firebird; Giulini, Berlin/Concertgebouw-Sony is an imaging reference!
BTW, I bought my monster from member CJ for $5 more than globemart. I'm sure those folks are nice but he's a real person/audiophile who's also given me good advice. Shameless plug.