Best Amp for 2000$ or lower. New or Used

Any recommendations.
We need to know more. Do you already have speakers? If not what is the budget for both? What are your priorities/constraints? Without this info, a recommendation would be pretty meaningless.

Cheers, Spencer
Mark Levinson No. 23 Cost is about $2K used.

It is a SS 200W/ch. amp.

Very refined, powerful and dynamic.
Has great bass extension.

Works great with my Ayre K-1x preamp in bringing out the most in my music.

My Two cents worth.

PS If it matters to you, was a Stereophile Class "A" amp for many years.
Blue Circle BC24(80wpc)Hybrid. A BC28(120wpc)is even better but tough to find under $2000 used.
A Belles 350a. Little known but man will it play music. 250/ch See the review at www.Soundstage.Com
I'm using Canton Ergo 81 speakers. I was using a BK EX 442 amp. I'm looking at the NAD S200 amp. This amp sounded sweet. Its built nicely, or the Sunfire amp.
What are the details on this speaker, effiency, etc. I don't see it on Canton's site. From what I can see of the other Ergos, they all seem to need a decent amount of power to drive. Guessing the ss is the way to go. All the recommendations are ss, anyway.
FWIW, I used to own a Sunfire, previously an older NAD. The Sunfire was the stronger performer,but should be for the price difference.
Personally, I'd recommend a Pass Labs Aleph series amp or if 60w of high current tube power is enough, then a BAT-VK60. Cheers, Spencer
I would recommend a used Plinius SA-100 MKIII. Great sounding amp especially in class A. They are quite plentiful between $1500 and $2000 used. I own one and am VERY happy with it. Also a Rowland Model 2. A Model 2 usually is a bit more expensive used $1800 to $2500 used. Drop dead GORGEOUS in appearance. I have one also and am VERY happy with it. It is for sale with a BPS 2. Of course preferences are subjective and your associated components will influence the equation. Good luck!
Get a BAT VK-200 for about $1650. Great powerful 100 W SS amp, runs very hot and is heavily biased. Best amp for the price range (probably with the Plinius) that I have seen.
There is a Threshold s450e for sale right now. I have had one for almost 10 years and it is a gem of an amp. If I could afford to have it as a back up, I would have snatched it the first time I saw it come up on Audiogon. A solid amp.

Disclaimer: Not related in an way to the person selling that amp.

I have a Plinius 8200 Mk I that i use in a second system and I love it! You can find one used for about a grand.