Best and Worst Websites in Audio'dom

It occurred to me today, as I was perusing various audio-related websites that some of them are REALLY bad.

We all know that AudiogoN is the BEST website (at least in my book), but who's got the WORST website?

Let's hear your nominations for the Best and Worst and what you think makes it so good/bad.

BEST - AudiogoN - Easy to navigate, very intuitive, LOVE the forums. And finally...THE CLASSIFIEDS!!

WORST - Audiopoints/StarSound/HarmonicPrecision/Sonoran/Sistrum/MicoBearing - What a freakin' mess. I hold no negative opinion regarding their products. I've used AudioPoints and Sonoran Cables and thought both were good. But the website! Eeesh! The pictures of the products are not flattering (look at those Caravelles!) and the layout is just atrocious. The info about the Harmonic Precision Amplifier says that "the fun begins once more in 2003". Huh? '03 has come and gone! I could go on, but you get the idea.

So let's hear your nominations.
Audiogon & audioasylum have got to be tops! Rives sight is really cool & helpful, too.

Absolutesound's sight is the worst in my eyes. Compared to all the other e-zine sights, there is nothing but a flashing "pay me for useful anything" sign.

mihorn's sight is one of the funniest to me, but I'm just a cynic.


I have a LOT of trouble navigating 6Moons. But I think the content is very worthwhile.
synergistic research, I second it for worst of the web. If you want some fun, use the cable selector program. Waaay too much thought went into that.
Eldragon, what can I say...posted on a "strong brew morning". Have you checked out the mi-horns? I'm not the only one.