Best cable for Jumpers

Hello all;
This is my first post and would like to start giving my compliments to everyone.
I am asking for an advice about the best cable to make two pairs of jumpers for my B&W speakers. I don’t like the original ones and besides I loss it. I wave a Transparent Super MM single wire. I am not sure but I think transparent doesn’t sell cable without termination and I am sure that buy a set´s of terminated jumpers will cost a fortune. Since I can do it by myself, what cable do you recommend?
Please don't be cheap and stupid...if you have Transparent cables and B&W speakers then get a pair of jumpers from them. t the very least, call Robert Stein at the Cable Company and ask him for a recommendation on a used pair if necessary:O)
Try a good grade of silver wire and see what you think, They are not hard to make.
Try this...

I have been using bare cables at the speaker ends on a second system. I have stripped 2 inches of the cable sleeve to show a bare 2 inch wire....then run them trough the first binding post at the bottom and on to the upper one. And voilà. Free jumper that is at least the equal of whatever cable you are using, and better than most stock jumpers out there. Of course this will appeal to the ''bare wire'' community only. Good luck.
It is always best to use the same brand jumpers as your speaker cables, transparent makes excellent jumper cables. I would call them and have them match the jumpers to your speaker cables.
Joaoveiga, I will do you a huge freakin favor if you want me to! I happen to have a custom set of NBS Omega micro jumpers with banana terminations on both ends. If that works for you, I can send them to you to try. If you like them I would appreciate it if you would send me some money:O) They retail for at least $500...maybe more now! I could work out a price well under $200. I have used them on my Dynaudio C4's, Wilson Sophias and Krell Res 2's with great results. They are amazing and will definately make you smile after you install them. I even have the install sheet and custom bag they came with:O) Let me know.
07-01-09: Majicjazz
It is always best to use the same brand jumpers as your speaker cables
. I was using Anti-cable jumpers with 47 Labs stratos cabling (whole system). Replaced them with some Stratos wire and the fidelity improved.

whether this is due to cable synergy or not who knows, but an argument can be made for it in my case.
I don't know what type of binding posts B&W uses, but if the nuts come off, excellent jumpers can be made from electronics-grade copper foil with holes punched or drilled through to the diameter of the posts. Solderless, minimal metal mass, negligible skin effect, and cheap. Use polyolefin heat-shrink tube to seal the mid section of each jumper.
We can probably agree that the binding posts, and the junpers serve only a practical purpose, have no sonic benefit, and are a necessary evil. Why not, if possible, eliminate (so to speak) the unused pair of binding posts and jumpers altogether, and make your speakers single-wired.

Access to the rear of the binding posts should be very easy. Unsolder the wires attached to one pair of posts, and solder them onto the other pair, making sure that you maintain correct polarity. It will cost you nothing, and if anything will provide a sonic benefit, this is it. It will be easily reversible if you ever want to do so. If you don't know how to use a soldering iron, and you are looking to spend anything over $100 anyway, from a sonic benefit standpoint, it would make sense to pay a technician one hour's labor to do so. It would probably take (or you) about twenty minutes to do so.

Good luck.
Take some 12 gauge romex wire and strip off all the insulation. No need to use any connectors, just attach directly to the terminals. Of course you want to make sure the wires don't touch one another or any other metal. Great sound and economic recession friendly.