Best IC and SC used under 1000 dollars for my system?

I am looking for an IC and speaker cables for my system. I decided to buy used because it`s a better value and maybe -guessing, I am not a tech guy- the break in time is going to be shorter. 
I need only 60cm IC and 1.75m-max.2m- SC. I am listening to mostly orchestra, but Massive Attack and Norah Jones are also on the playlist.
My system is the following: VPI Classic tt, Ikeda 9TT cart, Gold Note PH-10 phono, Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP with EL34 tubes, and waiting for a pair of Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini.   

Yeah, good luck on that one. Suggestions will be all over the place.
Did your power cord give what you were hoping to hear?

Once again, subjective, and only your ears know what's best. Certainly, no one here.

 I use all Nordost from the wall. You can be assured, someone will post they find it does "this or that" so use brand "X" Nordost seems to be a polarizing brand.

I hear it as what it's intended to do. Pricey, but you can find used for half the MSRP or better. I wouldn't touch the stuff for retail, otherwise.
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I would really love to get many suggestion. Especially with a link to buy. I forgot to mention it must be copper as Cube Audio suggested.
Triode Wire Labs would be perfect, I would like to bi-wire if there is an option, but it`s above my budget.
WireWorld has been designing cables for 35+ years. They also designed a cable comparator which allows comparison to other cables without plugging/unplugging from components. They recently introduced their 8 series, which means 7 series are available used. They may also have some new 7 series in stock that you could get at a reduced price
clarity audio or audio sensibility and one of the lower priced Teo Audio interconnects.

As for the speaker cables....If I did not have access to our own speaker cables (not gonna fit the budget, here), I would use Clarity cable (speaker cable) or Steve’s speaker cable products over at Audio Sensibility.

the GC series of Teo audio interconnects are a particular bargain, as people sell them as if they are a used cable, right? Well, when they sell used cables, they price them like any other used cable, except for one big problem.

The GC series of interconnects are direct sale only and they are stripped down, price wise, when they are originally sold. So, if people price them like they usually do..then they have ridiculously under-priced them.

If they try to sell them at lets say 50%-60% of the price they paid, then it’s a used item price that is about half of what it should be, compared to if they had purchased the IC at some much higher retail price instead of a direct price.

If they thought it through, well..then...they really should not be doing that. Not for a direct sale item with a lowered original pricing. Thus the used ones are generally a major bargain. If you can find them. They tend to sell fairly fast.

Similar to a pair of 1500 watt velodyne subs I bought from a guy. I paid $350 for both, as he had purchased them from a store shut down, where everything in the store was at about 80% off retail. Ne never bothered to look too closely or seek out the original retail. He just charged me about 50% of what he paid. They were actually about $2200 each. Both in the box, basically new. Oh well. This is what I mean, in that people do their usual thinking around percentage discounts, when they price used gear. And sometimes ....people severely under-price the items.
Solid silver DIY using DH Labs interconnects.  They are brittle, due to the single solid silver conductor, but damn hard to beat.