Best monitors under $5,000/system combos

I want to build a new system around a high quality small monitor. I'm thinking of the SF Cremona Audtor, the Dynaudio Special 25, or the De Capio MM i. I also want to keep the electronics small but high quality. I'm open to tubes, but prefer the simplicity of solid state.

I live where little gear is avaiable. We have an AR dealer who sells Pro Ac, and a Classe dealer who sells B&W. There is also a dealer who sells Bryston and PMC.

I'm leaning toward the SF speakers with Carey tube amps, or if I go solid state, the Pass 150.5 and a Pass preamp.

I know this is a very broad question, but if there is someone who can point to me in one direction or another (either to or away from something), I'd be grateful.

I listen mostly to piano music, opera, and chamber music of all sorts. Once in a while some jazz. I also listen to coral music of all sorts. Seldom any rock.

I just sold a system consisting of Bryston electronics, MG 3.6R speakers, a Oracle Delphi table.

Thanks everyone.

STAR SOUND TECH.-Harmonic Precision Caravelle,is for the
Serious Music Lovers.They are a must hear monitors,with a
30day trial.
I have the Auditors powered by an X-150.
Piano and strings recordings sound so good on them, sometimes it's eerie. They *love* chamber music and vocals. On the other hand, they're less ideal for big orchestras and rock (they do hold their own, but they're *mini*monitors, after all). They're not the last word in detail and maybe a tad warm - but this is relative. As always, the final impression is a matter of synergy (system, room) and personal tastes. Good luck.
I listen to all types of music, but mainly classical. I auditioned the Reference 3A MM De Capo i (and quite a few other speakers) before buying the Dynaudio Special 25. The MM De Capo i was rather mediocre overall and to my ears is easily bested by many other speakers I heard. It is simply not very transparent or revealing. I tried some Sonus Fabers, and they also failed to stand out. I didn't hear the Cremona Auditor, but I did hear the Amati Homage and was not impressed for $20,000. I would strongly recommend finding a way to audition the Dynaudio Special 25. The Special 25 is perhaps the most revealing and accurate speaker I heard at that price, and yet somehow it is laid back at the same time. Almost nothing I throw at it is difficult to listen to, and I have recordings going back to 1902. I would also suggest adding the Wilson Benesch Arc to your list. The Arc is not well known and is hard to find, but is a really superb speaker. Among standmounts, it would have ranked #2 on my list.
I, too, own the Harmonic Precision Caravelles. I did a review last year, that may help you out. Very serious speakers. Quite phenominal top to bottom. It's all my review They have been the talk of the past two audio shows, (Las Vegas and The Rocky Mountain Audio
Fest) from the audiophools who have had the good fortune to listen to them. No sub needed with these babies. peace, warren
The Caravelles can't be had in a complete system for 5000 dollars. I'd look at some B&W signatures and a classe integrated. Although, I think the Cremona Auditor and cary amplification would be very nice as well. Especially with the chamber music. Let us know how it turns out.
Try Wilson Benesch Arc's. I've had them in my system for 8 months and love em.
I think there's a bit of confusion: are you looking to spend $5000 on the speakers alone, or the whole system?
I have not heard it, but it is my understanding that the recently released Dynaudio C1 monitor is superior to the Special 25 and the best stand-mounted monitor speaker that Dynaudio has made.

It costs more than the Special 25, but I do not know how much.
Thanks for the comments. To clarify, the $5K is for the speakers alone. Looks like I need to hear the Caravelles, which I did not know about before your posts. Everything I read and hear tells me that the Cramona Auditors are also very lovely. I can hear the CA's in Chicago. Can the Caravelles be found in the mid-west?
I can't recommend a particular amp, but you should strongly consider the Green Mountain Audio "Callisto" speakers (around $2300/pair). A good tube amp would make for a stunning combination.
You might also look into Harbeth, especially for the kinds of music you listed. They also work well with solid state. I have the SHL5s- very natural sounding with zero listening fatigue. Depending on your preferences, the Harbeth's will be less forward than the Dynaudio's and Reference 3a's and less picky about matching gear. I also use the Carolina Audio JTMs- technically floorstanders but take up less space than most monitors. These are the most satisfying speakers I have owned for a small room- unlike other single driver speakers, these work equally well with solid state or higher output tubes. One last thought- there is an interesting thread on Audio Circle about the active NHT Xd satelite/sub system with DEQX crossovers. Will retail for about 5K- looks like a very promising approach.
SF cremona auditor, Dyne C1 and Harbeth are just a few very good speakers mentioned in this thread - definitely worth checking out with the PASS amp. Just would like to add FOCUS Audio 688 monitor speakers. If you can locate a dealer, try to listen to them and you might be surprised at how good these little speakers are.

I went through this stage six months ago and I chose Focus. YMMV as usual
The caravelle's are simply amazing. I have owned them now for 6 months. Bested Hales 5's, diapason adamontes II, spendor, maggies, etc. that I have owned. I brought them over to a audiophile that owns Wilson Maxx's - honestly the Caravelles do things the Maxx's don't...They are a steal at $5k imho. You have go to give them a listen. You will really like them. High resolution, but VERY smooth and non-fatiguing! Soundstage like you won't beleive and dissapear like crazy. They will let you listen in your home. Email the others who own them. They are serious .speakers for seasoned audiophiles. My music is classical 80%, jazz 20%...mostly cd. Oh, one other thing that I forgot to mention that I think is the most important....they are dynamic, very dynamic which is why I think they are so engaging. Music is all about dynamics (obviously with proper timber, which these have) and the Caravelles have it. By the way, I was a CSO goer for about 7 years...
I forgot to mention, they do big orchestral NO PROBLEM> They play really loud with no distortion - blew away my freind who owns the him, hifimaniac - he is listening to them now with Krell. I own all VAC equip - great tube gear that is NOT tubey sounding (3D airy solid state anyone?). Waiting on arrival of latest VAC Integrated PHI - Email me with questions if you like...
by the way check out the review in 6 moons
i have never heard the other monitors mentioned, but i am pretty happy with my b&w signature 805 with jadis ja30 and wadia 861b setup. the s805 are lively, engaging, well balanced, forward, tube friendly (class a tube 30 watts are more than enough), and have a slightly golden sound and wide soundstage. bass is tuneful and adequate (shakes my wooden floors) after 200 hours of break-in. they offer lots of detail but are not the most transparent.

the s805 love piano, strings, and vocals.

they are worth auditioning since you have a b&w dealer near you.

good luck!