Best Pre-amp for $500??

What kind of fidelity can I get for $500?  I also need a remote and a couple of digital inputs (so need a good DAC) and a few analog inputs?

Do you mean without built in DAC and plan to add a separate?

Without DAC or remote capability If a remote wasn’t mandatory there are some very good sounding used preamps by Sumo, McCormack micro drive, Sugden AU-41, NAD monitor series come to mind, Bryston 0.5.

RC preamps at and under $500 Classe CP-35, also research Rotel and Nad they both make a handful of modestly priced good sounding preamps. Personally I would look for a Classe 35. I know there are two currently for sale if you perform some searches they shouldn’t be difficult to track down.
A new Jolida JD 5T (tube) goes for about $500 with a remote controller. No DAC though. I think there is one on sale here. 
Does the CP-35 have a built-in DAC? That is what I need. I can’t find much info on it online.

BTW, I am hoping for better sound quality than a NAD.
Wow, a preamp with DAC, RC, providing 2 digital and multiple analog inputs, and sounds better than NAD and sells for $500. I also would like to know of one.  
I know its a matter of opinion but there are a few dated NAD preamps (and built in phono stages) that punch higher than there price would suggest. Being said I was not sure on your DAC situation. this would leave some room to play and get you into something. And also leave a step in the form of cash to build on towards the other box.

500 can only get you so far. The Classe does not have a built in DAC but it is RC and an excellent sounding preamp with build quality. Baby steps, try to practice patience otherwise you may end up disappointed.
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I am not interested in a phono stage.  DAC is a must or I don't buy one and keep using my outboard DAC

A Parasound Halo with DAC is $1,100.

Anything in the $700 range?
OP you haven't mentioned your power source or speakers for that matter. The more you give the more you help you can usually get.  

I parenthasisized phono not in attempt to push interest rather my point being they aren't under achievers and hold there own against some of the shiny therefore pricier preamps.    
Not sure what the rest of your system is so I'll throw a dart with my bad eye on this one. Guessing your system is totally digital as you expressed no need for a phono stage. Finding something for $5-700 is tuff so here's what I'd do; find a used Cambridge 851C. It has a great preamp, killer DAC and sounds great going directly into an amp and it has a nice remote. I've listened to the entry Parasound Halo preamp and it doesn't get close to the preamp or DAC of the 851C. If you're amp has balanced inputs the 851C has balanced out too. As a CDP it is as good as you're going to get without selling the farm and if you're using you're computer or media server it's built for that too; all kinds of digital inputs. You're going to have to increase your budget a little but you'll be happy. It's built very well too if that matters.
Cambridge 851D might be something to look at if you don't spin CDs or have another player you want to keep. I've not heard the 851D, but would think its for the most part an 851C without the transport.
A sunfire amp drives Maggies.  Outboard DAC is dealing with an Apple TV and Mac/iTunes.  Still have a Cal Audio CD player, and sometimes use a Yamaha tuner.

I had a Sonic Frontiers pre-amp but it blew one channel and the remote is busted too.  
Get the aragon 28k preamp if u can find one.
I have owned it for 20yrs.
In those years, it beats all my new purchases to replace it. Musical fidelity ac3r, rogue audio, simaudio 740p.

During my process to upgrade it, i brought it for comparison with accuphase 2410, ayre kx5, ayre k5xemp, jeff rowland capri, mbl preamp, the aragon never paled in comparisonin terms of Clarity, openess and dynamics.

I finally bought the sim 740p based on reviews and without audition.

Sold the 740p after 3months. 

Still stuck with this vintage, its simply irreplaceable.

Oh yes, forgot to mention it also sounded way clearer than the mark levinson 326s
well, I answered your thread for a $400 preamp.... The suggestions here are similar...
When you get to that $700ish price point,  things change....
At that price I would look at an Adcom GFP750 (Only this model in Adcom).... I would look for a Muse Model 3 or Model 3 Signature if possible.  I would look for a Bel Canto Pre 1.   These all sound Great, the are all single ended or balanced,  they all have remotes....
I hope this helps,
Thanks but it seems that none of those three have digital inputs. The Aragon 28k seems to only have RCA analog inputs too, based on Google searches.
The Cambridge 851C seems to be a CD Player, DAC, and pre-amp (digital only) all in one case. That would solve my clutter problem for sure. Is the sound quality comparable to or better than a Cal Audio player?

Edit - I do not see any analog inputs on the back panel so it looks like I cannot use my tuner with it.
Digital inputs?  as in Optical?  USB?  Coax? So,  you are confirming the questions that you want an on board DAC?  I can understand that.  I would only comment that the quality level of a few of these preamps mentioned are far above anything that you will likely find at their price point with a built in DAC.  I could be wrong.... I can say that I've tried a few under $100 DACs and have been pleasantly surprised.  I'm sure that you could also get recommendations there.... On this tread and the last, Classe CP35 has been mentioned.  I have seen these on Craigslist (might have been a CP30) for as low as $300 and they do go regularly for under $500.  Not as detailed as some of the others, but smooth and musical....
Good luck with your search. 
Just did a quick search on Fleabay looking for a CP35 and came across this... I've owned 2 Yaqin products,  they were both quite good.  This looks to be a steal and later you can roll tubes.... I'll point you to a couple DAC's under $100 if interested. 
I hope this helps,  Tim

Some of the older home theater preamps sell within your budget. Some are well thought of regarding two channel listening, and once sold for several thousand new.

They are often sold due to no longer being up with the latest home theater technology. 

I enjoy one of these units in my bedroom system. 

Hope this helps

Currently available for sale on A'gon in the Preamplifier section:
Rotel Preamplifier Processor RS P1570 
Original price $2199.00 asking  $900.00

Happy hunting. 

DacMagic Plus by Cambridge Audio can be used as a preamp. However it does not include any analog inputs. Several digital inputs.  XLR and RCA analog outputs. Wolfson DAC Technology.  $399.00 music direct.



He says he’s open to offers $500 could be good, just use it in HT bypass mode, and you’ve got a HT processor built in if you ever need it.

Cheers George

Peachtree NovaPre? Several digital inputs (USB, coax, optical), single analog input, Sabre DAC. Out of production, but go for about $500 used. Remote, too.
The Audio Research LS-3 line stage is by far the best used 500.00 line stage made....Forget the remote.....It would be 500.00 extra........
I would look at the MinuDSP 2X8 HD. It's a preamp, DAC and MiniDSP all in one. It sounds great and any remote will work with it.
I would go with George suggestion and get a 5-6 year old $3,000 avr that they are selling for nothing because it has no HDMI instead of paying a ridiculous 70%-80% of new price for a unit that had a 70% mark up to begin with
There are at least 5 processors close to your price range like that listed here right now. They have same or much better DACs or twice as many DACs than used stereo pres that people want 5-10 times as much for. Plus you could use them for audiophile audio in 3-4 rooms at the same time with amps. Or just run hdmi to your tv and digital out back to receiver and you have everything the new models have and more.  lis758ec    lis761c4    lis75623  
In the theme of dinasty, the Parasound AVC-2500.  Does everything you're asking for.  Originally $3500.00, used $400ish, maybe even less.  You didn't specify what digital in's you needed.  The AVC-2500 does not have hdmi, but it does have optical, coax and, of course analog.  It's for home theater setups, so it has bass management plus some other eq functions. 
This Grant Fidelity DAC-11 can be configured to work as a preamp, input capability, versatile little DACs and you can play with tubes   - inputs-  2 sets RCA, 1 coaxial, 1 optical and 1 USB-, no remote.

I still like the Classe option, having used one for a while and plenty of others, tough to beat for the money. That and a Sim Audio D100 could be swung for around $700.