Best Sounding new releases 2015

Tony Overwater & Bert van den Brink; Impromptu
Doug MacLeod; Exactly Like This
These 2 hi-res audiophile downloads has gotten a head start for 2015, and I think it will be a very hard act to better for Sound quality, but lets see.
Please post if you have bought something which you find equals or better the 2 above.
Exactly like this;
[quote]His new album EXACTLY LIKE THIS is his third release with Reference Recordings. This is 'Genuine Original Acoustic Music' at its very best, in a richly detailed recording by Grammy-winning engineer Keith Johnson, made at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, CA. [/qoute]
[qoute]The room was filled to the brim with audio enthusiasts, the closest listener being just a few feet from the musicians and the microphones.
When the audience is so close to the musicians, a synergy occurs. The audience becomes part of the music making and help spur the musicians on to great heights.
The musicians feeling the empathy from the audience dare to take chances that one rarely hears in a studio recording.[/qoute]
On a more popular note, FLAC version of Brian Wilson's new No Pier Pressure album is superb sonically, musically, vocally and emotionally. Will put some sunshine in your day.

The Decemberists "What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World" on vinyl. Side 1 is a sonic mish mash, however side 2 & 3 are what audiophile dreams are made of.
Love the new Kendrick Lamar, Calexico and, for you jazz heads, "the Epic" by Kamasi Washington.
Glen Hansard's tribute to Jason Molina, "It Was Triumph We Once Proposed".

By the way, all of the proceeds go to the late Jason Molina's estate. IMO, one of the great songwriters in recent memory.
Steve Wilson 'Hand. Cannot. Erase.'
My Morning Jacket 'The Waterfall.'
Mountain Goats 'Beat the Champ.'
Father John Misty 'I Love You. Honeybear.'
Dgarretson: I've got the MMJ coming in. I'm glad to see it's on a different label than ATO. (I swore off any lp on the ATO label) Your recommendation makes me feel better about this purchase!

Having said this "Evil Urges" sounded very good.
"Dgarretson: I've got the MMJ coming in. I'm glad to see it's on Capitol, any other label than ATO. (I long ago swore off any lp on the ATO label) Your recommendation makes me feel better about this purchase!

Having said this "Evil Urges" sounded very good." (really the only lp I own that sounds consistently good on ATO)

FWIW...It's odd that as I logged on to this thread I am listening to Steven Wilson's "Insurgentes" lp.
Slaw, last week I saw Steve Wilson live on his Hand Cannot Erase tour. It was quite a show-- a very tight performance accompanied by creative use of video montage. Wilson is perhaps rock's most brilliant and eclectic collector of prog rock antecedents. He occasionally weakens into noodling or sentimentality, but never for long before delivering a major payload.

Though dating to 2014, the re-release of Nick Cave's catalog on BMG vinyl is well worth attention and vastly surpasses the mediocre SQ of the original CDs. So far I've got Let Love In, Murder Ballads, and Your Funeral, My Trial.
+1 for Now This, I'm the same age as Peacock and can hardly
get out the bed in the morning.
The music and sound are to die for! A true masterpiece.
Some more 2015 jazz:

Charles Lloyd- Wild Man Dance. Bernie Grundman mastering and Joe Harley as "sound consultant."

Tim Berne's Snakeoil- You've Been Watching Me

Eberhard Weber- Encore. Great sounding electric double bass w/flugelhorn.
Mark Knopfler "Tracker"
Shelby Lynne "I Can't Imagine"... not quite a 10 but I have a huge crush!
Dgarretson: You are correct in recommending the latest MMJ lp. It is definitely THE best sounding MMJ lp I've heard! I am correct, it seems, in saying that the ATO label was the problem regarding inferior sonics on their past lps. It's nice to hear them going forward, moving in another direction from past lps musically. I'm not sure if you're into Death Cab but you need to check out "Kintsugi". It's their best musically and sonically IMO.

I doubt if Steven Wilson will ever come to my part of the world but if he should happen to, I'll be there.
I would include Calexico "Edge Of The Sun" but it's not there, sonically. I do believe it is one of their best and certainly more accessible to those not familiar with the band.
Meg Baird - Don't Weigh down the Light. Just released a week or so ago. Lovely 60's folk rock sound.