Best Threads of 2001

Okay, so this is the time of year where we do the top ten of everything thing.
So, how about one about our favorite threads of the past year - for whatEVER reason.

I just came across this one and Tim was in rare form! This is in the lead for my top vote so far -

any others?

Best Wishes,
I also seem to remember a conversation about Tim's "profession" that made it to several threads. Sorry to keep picking on you, Tim, but you did keep it *fresh* this year :)
Great thread here.
Well thanks for those kind words Angela, how ever I must disagree. I enjoyed the "Speaker Fetish" thread, it got a more diverse crowd and some interesting insight!! ;) I tend to put a monkey wrench in the works where ever it is I may be! Merry Christmas everyone,

This one is a classic and draws form a real inquiry !?
Dekay was in his typically hillarious form in this one.

As I recall, he told me that he had been taking the wrong medication during this time. Whatever it was, I remember laughing out loud many times with his comments and insights. ( I feel like Dick Clark all of a sudden... )
My vote goes to the refridgerator comments. I nearly spit my water all over my monitor when I read it. Hilarious.