Best tube amp s for magnepan 3.6r

I have a pair of 3.6r's. I am driving them with rogue m-150 mono amps. I think I need more power, but would like to stay with tubes. The system is used entirely for vinyl and the preamp is a CAT SL-1.
Any recommendations?
yesfan i change speakers---maybe???? and keep the amps??? or do i move the amps and keep the speakers???
Wolcott Audio P-220m monoblocks. I've heard them in Audiogoner Slipknot1's system with his Magnepan 3.6r speakers and it's an outstanding combination.
Wolcott's or VTL450 or VTL750.
The thing about Magnepan's is they love as much power as you can throw at them.
I had Rogue Magnum 120 with my Maggie 1.6 and they were underpowered, in a comparison with a Levinson 383 integrated and also an Innersound ESL amp the Rogue was washed out and dull (but sound nice otherwise). I finally concluded that you really do need tons of power to drive the Maggies and ended up with a Plinius SA100 MKIII power amp because I did not have the money to drive them with tubes.

I now have high efficency Audio Note gear because I got sick of chasing my tail trying to power the Maggies which are great speakers but I could not afford a QUALITY amp.
You should do a search on the archives at the Planar Asylum on Audioasylum as the topic as been discussed many times, I have not heard the Wolcott, but from everything I know, it should work quite well. A friend of mine runs his IIIAs with VTL-125s with excellent results. I powered my 3,6s with the Rogue monoblock M-120s and had no problems, but the power issue depends more on room size and volume preferences (actually, an amp with high current and damping factor is more important than the watt rating, IMO). I have a smallish room so the Rogues worked fine. If you really need the power consider the Rogue Zeus. I eventually sold the Rogue M-120s, not because it lacked power, but for other reasons. I replaced the tube amps with a digital amp, the H2O. Its sonics are so close to a tube sound its amazing and you get really nice bass and globs of detail. The H2O works well with Apogees and Maggies from what I can gather by reading many user comments. The H2O puts out 500 watts into 4 ohms and is plenty of power for my 3.6s. Henry Ho, the designer of the H2O used to circulate a demo model for a trial basis; you may want to check it out as its an outstanding amp for people who love tubes but need high power on a limited budget. Have fun shopping and happy holidays.
I used an ARC VT 130SE with great success. Of course there is the matter of room size and preferred listening level.
Mine worked fine with a Mcintosh MC2102. All of the above caveats about room size and listening level apply. Skip
I think the reason we have so many recomendations is the maggies really are an ideal amplifier load. They have tremendous power handling capabilities. They can sound good with solid state or tubes. it really depends on the type of music you like. If you like female vocals and acoustic instruments go with tubes. If you like rock and roll or large orchestra muisic go with solid state.
Are you still satisfied with your choice of amp for your maggies? I have a pair of 3.5s and I find my Bryston 3b SST is underpowered. I was going to go Bryston 7B SST but have heard they may be a bit dry for this speaker. The VTL was on my short list. Other amps I see recommended such as the Wolcotts are a bit out of my price range (under $5000).