Best value IEM phones for travel use from Android.

Just looking for ideas and suggestions from actual users of IEM head phones.

I travel..... A LOT!
Even in today's troubled times.
I get emails twice a day from and the choice of IEM seems to be staggering and bewildering.

What do I need?
Relatively efficient.
Being driven by a Motorola Android phone only.
Relatively small tips, had some that just did not fit in my ears at all!
Budget... $150 tops.

Thank you and stay safe!
Do they need to be in-ear? The Sennheiser HD 569s are good around-ear headphones. Does you phone have a headphone jack? If not, does it have USB-C?
Yes I would prefer in ear
I carry enough crap around for work so cannot deal with yet another bag.
That's funny as that is the pair I have now and tbh they are not very comfortable for me.
Sound is just ok.....
Senn 569s are fantastic but don’t fold up. I just purchased 1More in ear Bluetooth earphones and they seal well and have good sound for $80. I’ve been on the road traveling for the past few weeks and am pleased. The case re-energizes them. On Amazon you have 30 day returns. 
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I do international travel a few time a year and use a few IEM. For $150, Sennheiser HD1 at $90 is not bad, phone call voice is clear, music is decent and extremely light. Two things I don’t like is the 6 hours only battery life and strange charging reminder. Shure SE215 at $80 is my recommendation, it has MMCX adapter so you can use either Bluetooth adapter or change to wire. I don’t like the mic on BD2 because it’s on the pendent so speaking voice is hard to hear unless you clip it to collar. BD2 has 8 hours battery life and tells you remaining life each time you turn on. I use a Shure 535 and BD2 for many years so 215 should be a good choice.  I also have an old Shure noise cancellation add on wire so I can turn on pass through and not miss any important announcement.  Safety is an important thing in travel.
I did buy the Tin Hifi T4 iem from Drop.
They have now shipped and should be here Saturday so we will see as I fly from Jax to MSP Monday morning and that will be their first test.
Congrats!  Be interested to hear your impressions once they break in a bit. 
Its often true you get what you pay for.   If you have a good source, it would be a shame to devalue the sound with a headphone that might not be up to the job.   I know Grado, Shure, Sennheiser in ear models...all good.
The Tin T4 showed up today and first impressions playing them through my main system head amp are very favourable indeed.
Very efficient and a lot of nice solid bass without being one note boom, boom bass.

Using my phone which is how they will be used on the plane they did lose a little of that bass impact but hardly surprising tbh.
Overall pretty impressed for $79 shipped from Drop. 
Not sure I’d be too quick to judge them.  Even my cheap Sennheiser buds took a bit to break in and sounded much better after a few days of play time.  Be interested to hear your thoughts after 100 hours or so. 
I just got a pair of Grado GR10E....yes they are a changing.  Also, bass depends on the fit.   Although small and med. tips fit, the bass is very different.  When first out of the package, they were lightening fast, and a bit stodgy, but I suspect they'll come around.  I also have Etymotics, which have perceived more bass, but not a quick.  Sure's also have more bass, but the bass seems to ride the highs and get the  mids "confused". 
Have still only about 15 hours on the Tin4 right now, not so much travel nowadays as I am sure you understand.
Have been using them this week with my Dell laptop streaming Qobuz in the hotel room.
Sounds better than when played with my Motorola phone for sure again to be expected I think.
Be a while before 100 hours or more on them at this rate but still very impressed overall for the SQ and the fit and finish.
I wanted to plug Periodic Audio.  They have 4 different models.  Ti, Ceramic, Beryllium and Carbon. $100,$200,$300,$400.  I have the Berylliums and they are really nice.  Easy load to drive too.  They sound great just off my iphone and even better with a dragonfly.

I haven’t heard the Carbons but everything else sounds great and its a great company.  The owner, Dan, is awesome.  Best customer service I have ever received.

All the Periodic guys run around RMAF in Lab Coats.
All the Periodic guys run around RMAF in Lab Coats.
@  Ha!  They MUST be good then.  Seriously though, thanks for the info.  Sounds interesting and will check them out.  

Pretty happy with the Tin4 right now but will check out the Periodic stuff.
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If you could get your hands on Onkyo E700M, they have been a spectacular hidden deal. Brilliant smooth transparent sound and tighter cleaner bass than most earphones I've ever heard even at 500 bucks. Because Onkyo stopped production of these, they're now found only in certain places like Singapore. Ignore the bluetooth version (E700BT), the E700M wired version was one of the best IEMs ever.