Blown tweeters

I have a pair of talon khorus speakers with upgraded crossovers. I was listening to music and the larger tweeter on both speakers went at the same time both seem to be dead any ideas on what may have caused this I want to order new tweeters but worried it may happen again


I, and my son at every party he had, blew the tweeters of my JSE Infinite Slope Model II's. His friends would have the wrong input, turn the volume up, up, nothing, then OH, change the input: crack, sizzle, pop

JSE used the highly respected Dynaudio D21 Tweeters. They just couldn't take a shot.

I got advice from Madisound, picked alternate tweeters with more ferrofluid in their design. Never blew

Parts express always gives me good advice.


IF your tweeters are unique, then you need to have them repaired, AND, as you asked, 'why did they blow', as you don't want to fix and blow them again.

Concerned: you could try inexpensive tweeters for a while, if no problem surfaces, then install repaired ones. They better sound better!

How do you know they are blown, by the way? 

Often we don't even hear when a tweeter goes out.  A midrange though... :)

In any event, lots of things can go wrong before the tweeter.  If you wanted to thoroughly diagnose it, get a Dayton audio DATS V2 to measure the impedance of your whole speaker a swell as the drivers out of the box. 

One step below that is to remove the tweets and test with an Ohm meter.  See if you have a short (no Ohms) or open (overloaded or infinite Ohms) circuit.

My speakers have a 10 in woofer a 1 1/2 in tweeter and a 1 in tweeter the 11/2 in tweeterc  is blown on both speakers I put my  ear right up to driver and no sound out of larger tweeter

You may only need to change the Ferro Fluid in the tweeters, of so equipped.  Easy to do in an afternoon.  Do a little research to save yourself a lot of money!


How old are the speakers?  Most speaker companies have a five year warranty on parts. Some even have ten year warranty’s.

What amp were you using?  Could you have been over driving it? That will blow tweeters fast if the amplifier is clipping.

The speakers are 20 years old my amp is a rotel rb1090 and pre amp is a prima luna dialogue cd player is musical Fidelity A5


Who "upgraded" the crossovers? If too much midrange gets to those drivers they will blow. The solution is going back to the stock crossovers. Trying to put a different driver in there with a passive crossover is a crapshoot. The efficiency of the drivers has to match perfectly which is highly unlikely. 

Put the crossovers back to stock and order a new pair of tweeters from the manufacturer. 

Mike Farnsworth the owner of talon did my crossovers and I played speakers for about a year before the tweeters went

   If you know that it is only the tweeters that have blown—meaning both channels sound fine except for the lack of top end—chances are good that the amp is fine and not the cause of the tweeters blowing.  To be extra cautious, you could try very cheap speakers on the amp.  
   Do you recall how loudly the speakers were being played at the time the blew?  It generally takes pretty extreme conditions to blow a tweeter.  If they went following a short but extreme burst of energy, like a loud blast when switching inputs, there is less of a chance of other parts also being damaged.  If they were being played loudly for some time and went following sustained strain, other parts, such as crossover components should be inspected.  If you can get to the insides of your speaker, inspect the crossover board (‘I’ve seen plastic inductor spools melted into a pool of plastic), disconnect the tweeters and check for continuity with an ohm meter.  I hope it is just the tweeters that need replacement and that there are drop in parts that will work well enough.

I know the amp is fine I also have a pair of Joseph audio pulsar speakers and they sound great. When tweeters went on my talons I was playing music loud as I always do 

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I thought Talon has been out of business for many years.  Am I wrong?  Best of luck in finding a fix!  Love Pulsars BTW!

Yea Talon went out of business years ago but the owner continued doing upgrades to his speakers. Loved his speakers had a pair of his Ravons which sounded great then sold them and got the khorus which I like and also have the talon roc sub. Love the pulsars too when matched with the sub

Damn, both at once is odd. The only time I’ve blown tweeters is power surge from an electric storm, a loose rca connector opr accidental full power blast. multimeters can be found pretty cheap pull the failed drivers and check for resistance if they still have resistance move to the xover. If the drivers show an open = open resistance madisound gets great customer feedback.