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Hey, just trolling for other audio addicts in the area. I'm primarily vinyl based. Get togethers would be great.
Lugnut, checking your past threads it looks like you have this bug bad. I too am in Boise and hit audiogon whenever I can. I would love to have more time for this hobby than I actually have. However, I would be interested in a club if there was one organized. It would also be nice to know of various models of clubs in other cites (i.e., structure, time commitment required, etc.)
I guess since Twl is in, since he`s in Las Vegas I should have no reason to head to Boise since Im in the Seattle area. This would give me a good reason to use the SCD-1, since it weighs 65lbs it could be good for traction in the winter(it has not seen a disc in 2 months) the TT got about 4hrs this Sunday. I beleive this would be the right club for me. David
Lugnut, I wish I would have seen this a while ago. My brother lived in Boise for a number of years. He recently (relatively) moved to Carolina, but I visited once while he was still there. time!
Believe it or not guys there is an audiophile club in Boise. We are actually going to be meeting at the Stereo Shoppe this month. They are doing an in store demo of the Wilson Watt Puppy speakers. You can contact Greg or Kilo and the Stereo Shoppe if you are interested with an RSVP if you are interested. We generally meet once a month at rotate amongst various members homes. This month the Stereo Shoppe just happened to be doing the Wilson Watt Puppy demo so we all just decided to use that as our meeting.

If you can't make this or you want more details please send me you email at and I will make sure you get an invite to the next meeting in March if you are interested.


I'd love to meet you any time you are in the area. Dinner and tunes are on me.


I got an invite to attend this months meeting at Ron's house. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Wow, there are over 40 members of this club and it's been in existence for quite some time.

The guys at the Stereo Shoppe provided me with the contact person. I also gave them the contact information for Father & Son Audio. F&S is located south of Nampa and offers some interesting equipment. Mike Sr. is a real gentleman as he entertained me on a recent Sunday afternoon.
What a supprise to find this listing. I just move to Meridian and was hoping there would be a sterophile club in the area. I have not heard of Father & Sons or the Stereo Shoppe, (will check the phone book tomorrow). Any current information would be greatly appriciated. Looking forward to hearing from any Hi-ender located in the Boise area.
Still alive and well thank you.

Our last meeting included a demo of a complete 300B Audio Note system. In this couples other "Sound Room", there were two seven foot Steinways in the same room. A 150th anniversary rosewood beauty and an older ebony model. The difference in sound was quite interesting to say the least! Our next meeting will include a live cello and an old mono system from the 40s-50s.
You have to know the secert handshake. Email me off site and I will give you my phone number.

We are ready for a new Boise Idaho "HIFI" club.
A little "MINI SHINDIG" is in the works. This will be a great oppertunity for the "cool" HIFI geeks to enjoy eachothers gear and music. We will be meeting at different audio geeks homes. You are welcome to bring a system and demo it for new ears. Your system can be a $10 thriftstore find or $40,000 "refinance your home" set up.
We are getting together to enjoy eqipment for what it is. Not necessarily how it compares. Lets get together and enjoy some "Ear Candy".
We had our first meeting Friday night. It was amazing! We used tube gear and did little tube rolling. We listened to a Cary SLA70, Jolida 302b, Golden tube Audio SE-100. Speakers involved were B%W CDM7-NT, Klipsch Chorus II, Allison AL 110, Saras ST-200. It was alot of fun! We listened to vinyl and cd. Next meeting should be more fun.
New to Boise as well (of sf bay area transplant). More interested in ancillaries (cables and such) than electronics.
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Hi all, the Boise stereo club is alive and well, with monthly meetings hosted by members in the home and listening to their system. Because we are meeting in private homes and looking at sometimes VERY expensive stereo, we are by invitation only. As with any other general group, some of us are outgoing a deal some of us are quiet. All of us are obsessed with audiophile sound: some folks spend more than others, but it is always with an ear to the end result.

Our current President is Kelly J. If you are interested in joining, we are interested in having you. You can contact me through this forum.
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I'm interested in joining, I'm moving to Boise in June.  I'd love to meet some other audiophiles, I've been up in Moscow for the last three years. Haven't met to many audiophiles up here. Is there someone I can contact.
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Wow! I have been in the Boise area and into audio since the mid eighties! Currently living over by the Boise river off of Riverside dr. Great to know there is a club! So how do I get in to the group? Kinda sounds like Fight Club! Lol! ;)
Guess this group isn't really active! I started a group on Facebook called "north west audiophiles marketplace" hoping to meat others in the north west to listen, buy, sale, trade, and discuss equipment! I usually have pretty cool stuff to check out or trade and it's so hard in the Boise Idah area to find people with equipment I want to try! I usually have to purchase the gear and pay enormous shipping sight unseen! I'm Willing to drive anyware in the NW to check stuff out or purchase! Hoping to make it easier to get my hands on gear! Check out the group! 

North west audiophiles marketplace - it's on Facebook 
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Yeah, It’s no longer up! I couldn’t get anyone in the area to join! Lol! Guess Boise isn’t the best city for audiophiles! Be great if we had more dealers to check out gear! :)
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