Boltz CD racks?

I am considering purchasing a Boltz CD rack and am wondering if anyone has experience with these racks on berber carpets? They look like they could easily topple? I know they offer a wall mount stabilizing bar to ensure that this doesn't happen, but I would love to be able to use these without putting any holes in the walls! Any thoughts/experiences would be appreciatedv - thanks!
I have a double 660 rack and though I don't have it bolted to the wall I do have it right up against the wall. I'm afraid that loaded down with cd's it might be a bit unstable freestanding, especially on any sort of thick carpet. However if it can be right up against the wall you should be fine, even with carpet. And I have to say it's a great looking rack and a super deal. I love mine and wouldn't trade it for anything.
While weak on carpet descriptions, I can say the 600 rack I have freestands on carpet, 5-6 " from the wall.

The weight of the CDs--mine is full--keeps it pretty well balanced--it wouldn't tip unless a BIG force came against it--the rack's feet keep it steady.

The "cheap" carpet in my sound room has a texture to it and is a tight weave--I believe it may even be a faux berber.

I love Boltz's CD racks and I had one with a rather plush carpet. I kept it up against a wall and it was fine. I now use the wall stabilizer and it's not going anywhere.

I have a double CD600, never used the wall brackets. The rack stands flush against a wall and stands so solid that I never had to worry about it falling over. Few racks can hold so many CDs and I am happy with mine.

I've been using a well loaded 300 cd Boltz rack on berber carpet with no problem at all using only the feet. If I had kids that pulled on things or lived anyplace you could expect an earthquake, I'd use the wall fastener for additional security.
I ordered the CD600 rack on 2 different occasions. They both came with one bent, or curving side panel. I returned both.
I have two sets (330 & 660) of these racks on berber and loaded down they are very stable. However, they do offer the wall connector and larger feet. The larger feet may actually come with the newer stands. I have the feet but never used them because I didn't like how they looked.

Before I had it loaded with cds I did take the precaution of using some fishing line and a picture hanger nail that was nailed into where the studs were located. This secured it to the wall. After it got loaded about 2/3, I took the fishing line and nails off. Nail holes were easy to fill in too.
I've been using Boltz racks at home and in the office for about six years and have always used the wall bracket. In earthquake prone Los Angeles, I wouldn't feel safe without it.
Thanks for the responses! I think I will get them, is there a best place to purcahse from for price, or is it pretty much the same everywhere???
I have a Boltz cd rack too.Loaded with cd's shouldn't tip over,unless it gets pushed.They have the feet that stabilize them further.Mine sits on hardwood floor however.I thought the assembly was time consuming.Yes one side panel arrived with a slight curve obviously from shipping but no big deal,and once put together the curve goes away.
You can order direct from Boltz.They run specials all the time and once you becomer a customer they keep e-mailing you with product update announcements.
Good luck
Don't understand how wall bracket works. Fork of bracket is meant to ride the rod but the only place this can occur, for it to be pressed and not slip out, is between the threaded wing nut and the acorn nut. To do this, you would have to jam the fork into the threaded end of the rod which basically ruins the threading and offers a very poor solution for adjustment, etc.

Also, CD's do fall over the edge whish is a pain and instructions are not very clear. All in all, I'm not satisfied with the Boltz CD Rack and don't understand why it is recommended by Stereophile.
Interesting responding to a thread where the last comment was over 7 years ago. No matter, I have both the largest CD rack & DVD rack doubled up and have never needed the wall bracket. As to why I like them, they are minimalist looking which I like, & frankly, I hate the look of wood.
Skipnie, I'm sorry that you're having problems with your Boltz rack. Is it possible that you have it tilted a little towards the inside of the room if your CD's are falling out? I never had that issue.

Boltz has good customer service, so just call them or send them an e-mail if you have any questions.

My Boltz rack sits on a wood floor... I put little clear plastic bumpers under the legs to tilt them towards the wall.
my issue as a long time Boltz owner was that once a CD fell, it went all the way through to the ground. PITA product despite the nice, minimalist look.