Bookshelf speaker recommendation

Hi, I’m looking for bookshelf speaker suggestions for my home office. Room is about 14 feet by 15 feet. These will be paired with my Peachtree Audio Nova. Source is computer audio. Listen to classic rock, jam bands, blues, jazz, etc. Looking for a full and rich sound. Well, at least with what you can get from a bookshelf speaker. In this room, listening at moderate sound levels.

Though no doubt not optimal from a sound quality perspective, these speakers will literally be placed in bookshelves. There are corner bookshelves that the prior owner had pre-wired that I am going to use. Shelf height of 13.5”, width of 34” and depth around 25”.
My budget is probably up to $1,500. But I could be willing to stretch for the right speakers. Ideas?
Look at Soundfield audio m1's for sale on here right now (no affiliation) I own a pair and wouldn't trade them for any other monitor of their size.
Golden Ear Tech
Aeon 3s or 2s, very impressive sound for $1000 and will fill the room b/c of the passive radiator bass. Hopefully your bookshelf speakers are going ON the bookshelf, not IN the bookshelf. That would inevitably sound terrible.
There are a number of good bookshelf speakers out there for under $1500
Good luck
Chrshan, which speakers are those that you recommend? The Kef looking driver with a woofer underneath?
A pair of those for sale right now for $975 on Audio Circle.

Sb caribou, ribbons pair well with peachtree. Magnepan mmg mini's (I think that's the name) are paired together with peachtree gear often.

I have a nova pre/220 and just got my first pair of speakers with ribbon tweeters and they sound really good. The slightly laid back nature of the peachtree gear goes well with speakers that have revealing highs.
Yes the Soundfield m1 there is a pair on here right now for 875. I own them and I have to say they are the best monitors I've heard of that size. There is an extensive thread on audio circle about them as well as a great article on confessions of a part time audiophile.

Yes that is a kef uniq driver with an active subwoofer.
I think the powered sub would pair nice with peachtree nova. The nova, if the original model, didn't have a lot of grunt so the active feature would be nice.

How would you compare the the m1 to the ls50? they are similar money...
Can't comment on the ls50's myself as I haven't heard them. I have read that fellow owners say they sound very similar with the exception being the low end of the m1's is in a different league. They really are an exceptional speaker.
+1 on the GoldenEars. Also, the Gallo Stradas are superb speakers - *excellent* tweeters mated to carbon fibre mid/bass units. And they are *very well-built...
the M1's are passive, only the sub section is active, which might be a good idea since the Nova amp section is weak

Take a look at Aerial 5T. I have an earlier iteration, the 5B, and drive them with a Peachtree 80W hybrid. Wonderful sounding speaker and my favorite bookshelf model. Good luck!

KEF LS50 - hands down (although they are they are technically stand mounts, not bookshelf).

I have had quality speakers before in a similar room to yours (Klipsch, Polk), with a Peachtree Nova at the time, but the KEF's represented a MAJOR step up. The soundstage and transparency are unmatched at this price range. Their Single Apparent Source technology is real, not just some marketing gimmick.

Would definitely consider Buchardt Audio S400 MkIIs. They are about $2,100 per pair with various veneers (I have the Rosewood which are stunningly beautiful), ship for free, and come with a 45 day trial period with a $100 restocking fee should you decide to return them. Amazing speakers, just read or watch the multitude of positive reviews…..worth the audition

Can (and prefer) to be placed close to a wall with a rear passive radiator, though I’d use a set of drum dampeners to decouple them from the shelf. Small sized at 14.5H x 7W x 11D