BTO Not Fragile

I remember when I was a kid, maybe 5th or 6th grade, listening to music (vinyl) in my cousin’s basement and hearing BTO’s Not Fragile for the first time. I had heard Let It Roll and You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet on the radio but nothing else. And then only ever on a crappy clock radio or car speaker (not stereo!) My cousin had a small Pioneer-ish system with two separate speakers! Such volume! I was blown away. I could not get those songs out of my head. It was the first album I ever bought with my own money.

I’m listening to Not Fragile tonight for the first time in years. Qobuz.

I’m no longer blown away but I’m certainly not bored!

I think the band peaked with this album but in my opinion it is one heck of an album taken all together. It seems to me the band still gets a fair amount of air play on classic rock stations but they never seem to have been taken seriously artistically. I get that the music is very simple. I get that it it is more pop than actual heavy metal. But still, I rank this album right up there in my top 50 or so.

Interested in other’s thoughts.


I still have that album and yes, it is an excellent album that I thought never really got the recognition that it deserved. It’s one of those that just has to be played loud and the recording quality is pretty good! I got to see BTO live at a local bar when i was around 25 and got a blue guitar pick from the bass player, I still have it! I pictured the crate of metal gears on the cover as soon as I read you post. I still remember how I got it. My sisters had lots of records and I was the youngest, living in Brazil. Every so often I would sneak in their rooms and go "record shopping"- lol! Now that we are all in our late 50’s and early 60’s they come to visit and often look through my record collection and lovingly comment on how that record of theirs (among others) mysteriously disappeared! 🤪

In my defense, I tell them that had it not been for me all of those records would be long gone.  They agree because the only ones that survived our countless international moves and the poor way they took care of their records are the ones I confiscated!!!

Sadly I do not have that first album although I suspect it was pretty worn out. It spent a lot of time on the record changer. Remember those? Probably nothing worse for a piece of vinyl.

The box and gears on the album cover where pressed in relief. You could feel them. We thought that was so cool.

Was ok for driving music a long time ago. I really couldn't imagine sitting in front of the stereo listening to it now.

roxy54: Same here but still a good memory.  Funny how our taste in music changes over time...

I also still have that album that I bought when I was in high school. Loved it at the time, but not as enjoyable listening today.  Music tastes change as we get older.

Blue Collar.  An amazing tune and an anthem when I worked the night shift building transformers at S&C Electric on the south side of “sweet home” in the early 1970’s.  When I hear that tune, I’m right back in that factory…BTO resides in my soul forever 

If anyone sat down and listened to the Original US LP with a decently set up Turntable, You would be Floored with the Sonics.

I have the "Not Fragile" SHM CD of this album, and the dynamics is off the chart. The bass in the title song will shake the room. I still listen to their music. Simple, but toe tapping...



n80 OP

This thread inspired me to play it for the first time in decades. I just played it on Amazon Music HD and it sound just as good or better than the record. Actually better- no scratches or pops and excellent dynamic range!

Saw B.T.O., Bob Seger and Charlie Daniels Band on the same bill in 1975. If I remember correctly, tickets were $7.50.


tpreaves: I remember when concert T shirts were $10. That was a lot of $ for a kid back then, and you had to make a choice between a t shirt or a good buzz to enjoy the concert with! I still have many that survived put away. Probably worth a small fortune considering I saw Levi jeans from that era selling for upwards of $ 800. Unfortunately, none fit anymore ☹

I think this was the first 'new' record I had; it was a Christmas gift. Pretty sure my middle brother still has it after all these decades. As someone mentioned, it spent a lot of time on my turntable and I remember it being a great record. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

It’s funny, a local radio station just had a call in and if you and if you answered five questions correctly you win a prize.  The second question asked was what bands fans were referred to as “Gear Heads”?

Both players missed it.