Buchardt S400

Anyone hear these?

Reviews are very positive, and I'm wondering if they have big enough sound to work in my living room (16'x14', with 70wpc from my power source). From what I've read they sound much bigger than most bookshelf speakers, and are especially impressive at the lower end. 

Mads Buchardt actually responds to emails, and he's a very friendly and talkative guy. Excited about audio and his company. The designer of the speakers used to work for Dynaudio, I think. I'm intrigued.
These were all the rage among the YouTube-reviewer community a couple years ago. I've noticed the hype has subsided considerably, probably because so many great alternatives have since emerged. 
You didn't list your budget, but if you can swing it financially I encourage you to consider the newly introduced active A500 bundle.

Buchardt has a Try At Home policy. Best way to find out if the S400s work for you is in your own system.
Mads Buchardt's father had a musical instrument store and they also sold DIY speaker kits. He’s not an engineer just someone who had a good idea and pursued it with a friend to start Buchardt Audio. He has no affiliation with Dynaudio past or present.
Mad’s doesn’t but the engineer that works for him came from Dynaudio.

To the OP the 400's are a good sounding speaker but for the 30 days I had them I found out the same as Srajen did is that they sound best played loud.  Not a low level listening kind of speaker. 
Ah, so he pilfered a Dyna engineer ! That's a good business move.

I saw an interview where he said they're working on powered speakers with DSP and built in room correction. With that technology and a wireless hub they're certainly pursuing a lifestyle audio system. Perhaps more than an audiophile system ?

My living room is larger than yours and they do sound large enough to fill it well, but I also run a subwoofer with them and cross them over at 80Hz. No idea about your amp. Keep in mind they are 4ohm speakers. I don't have any trouble pushing them as loud as needed with my Lyngdorf but it's rated at 400w at 4ohm with 40amps current. They do a lot of things well but aren't my personal favorite speaker. Just depends what sound you are looking for. They are relatively neutral but the treble is quite soft - too soft for me. I find the mid-bass to be too rich for my taste too. Again this is all personal preference. A lot (most) people would probably prefer these speakers but I like a fairly bright sound and am very sensitive to fat mid-bass.