Budget-Friendly Interconnects?

Hi, my system is:

Tekton Lores
Heed Obelisk Si w/X2 PSU
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C
Clear Day Shotgun speaker cables
Speltz Anti-IC's with Eichman RCA's

I am looking to switch out the Anti-IC with something else; hopefully better. If I can get a little extra warmth out of my system without sacrificing resolution, I;d be more than happy. Budget is around $200. I was thinking of trying out the Morrow MA3's as I've heard a lot of praise for them.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
I have had good luck with MAC my audio cables

show up here in the auctions for a good price
I have tries all the above, while they are ok, I find the cheapest Anyalsis Pus IC's do exactly what you want for less cash.
I see you have Clear Day Double Shotguns (which I just got last week). Why not consider Clear Day ICs. They are under $200 I believe. I have a pair and they sound quite good.
If you can try a pair of AAD incredibles diamond model great performance for $180 1 meter list.
I'd check in with Grover Huffman and check his SX IC prices, I doubt that you'd be dissappointed with the results.
Morrow cables are not warm.They are clean and clear.Nice cables but probably not what you're looking for.Harmonic Technology are warmish cables.I have a pair of M.A.C. Velvets in my "spare" box if you'd like to give 'em a try.Pay for shipping and you are welcome to borrow them.
I have owned.do own HT, MAC and Morrow, looms of the latter two. Im my two systems the under $100 Analysis Plus oval IC's smoke all of them in just the way the OP desired.
And I have MA-3 and 4's as well as MAC Paladiums which are way above the Ultra Silvers and a very fine IC.
Nicodemex, I'll make a deal with you, buy a pr of the cheapest Analaysis Plus from Audio Advisor ,which is near AP and probaly their biggest dealer, and if it doesn't do what you want, I will buy it from you for just what you paid for the cables, you pay for Priority Mail shipping.
Thank you all for the kind suggestions so far. Warm, harmonically rich, without sacrificing much detail.

Has anyone compared the Acoustic Zen WOW and Harmonic Technology Truthlink?

Schubert, I appreciate the offer and is one I will consider.

Thank you.
NuForce's IC700, if it's still available. I believe an RCA-equipped 1 meter pair retails for ~$200.

I use the IC700's in my own system between the poweramp and DAC, where it replaced a DIY solution with Mundorf's teflon insulated 0.5mm Silver/gold wires. To my ears the IC700 simply sounds more right in comparison, at least in my setup, lending a more coherent, colorful, dynamically astute, and see-through presentation. Particularly the midrange seems to have gotten new life as if weawing together the presentation as a whole more naturally. Not mid-heavy, mind you, but shying away from the more laid-back and slightly "incongruent" imprinting here from the Mundorf solution. Nothing has been sacrificed in the department of resolution, micro details, or transparency where silver wires usually shine - something that surprised me, to be honest...

Whether the IC700's qualities translates to your setup and taste I know not, but a recommendation nonetheless :)
The original AZ Matrix Refs (NOT the Ref II) should be in your budget used and do what you're looking for.
Just an update: I got a good deal on a pair of Cardas Golden Reference IC's and they are in every way superior to what I had previously. In my system, everything I was looking for and more.