buying new/used vinyl in NYC?

I'll be in NYC for a week (3/11-3/18). Where are the best stores to find quality vinyl? mainly looking for rock/pop, but I'm not limited to that. also, any good stores besides sound by singer and in living stereo to browse in? Thanks a bunch!
Bleeker Bob's for rock records. Innovative Audio, Lyric HIFI and Stereo Exchange for gear. I haven't been in any of these shops in a while. Last time I was in Stereo Exchange it was painfully obvious that audio is a distant second to video these days.
This sure sounds familiar, as I asked it before.

I thought academy (on 10th street between 3rd and 4th avenues) had some pretty beat, worn vinyl, but a lot of variety. The dollar bins were pretty cool, too. I did find some strange, rare stuff here. While not in really good shape, I couldn't leave them there. The other academy (on 18th b/t 6th and 5th), had a lot of really nice vinyl but 99% was classical. They did have a good variety of used cds, though. The Jazz Record Center was flippin' awesome. If you like jazz go there at any cost. Rows and rows of jazz, as far as the eye can see.

A1 records (b/t 1st and A on 6th) had a lot, but I actually heard a conversation between an employee and a customer while there. The employee was saying how they can charge way way too much for beat, junk records because out-of-towners buy it simply because they can't believe that they have it at all (or just don't know its too expensive). That's pretty rotten if you ask me.
thanks unsound. that list works for me. i'll look up their addesses when i get up there. i have a week up there with nothing planned- should be great. i LOVE it every time I visit NYC.
Here is The Village Voice shopping guide for music stores located in Manhattan, also expandable to the other boroughs.
Forget Stereo Exchange unless you're in the market for dvd player.Too sad because this was the store that got me hooked up on high end in 1992.Go a couple of blocks up to East 4th and Bway to In Living Stereo.They aare the same guys that used to sell audio in Stereo Exchange and are located in the original Stereo Exchange store.
Check out the Chelsea flea market or its sister on 76th street. (See for details). As with all such markets, selection varies from week to week.
There are quite a few places at Saint Marks in lower downtown. If you want to sleap there is a great place in City Island in the Bronx. I need to get the exact name but I'll email you as soon as I find it. This guy only speciales in Vinyl and has thousand of records.