Cable Stress Relief

My interconnects and power cords are very heavy and put a lot of pressure on the RCA and IEC connectors. My rack is open with metal posts and MDF shelves. Are there inexpensive solutions to relieve the pressure without installing a cable management bar? I'd rather not drill into the metal posts.

Suspend all power cords and cabling from the ceiling using eye hooks.
There is more reason to do so than just stress relief. Unsupported hanging cables are subject to vibration due to sound waves, and un-dampened cable vibration is transferred to the component with a very negative effect to SQ. Cables are best supported in multiple places with resonance canceling devices, which can be a DIY project with stiff construction paper fashioned into a 4-5" tall cylinder secured with tape. Fill a baggie with sand or kitty litter, seal, and place inside the cylinder. The mass absorbes the vibrations. Where cables touch the shelf, use foam "pucks."
"06-18-14: Geoffkait
Suspend all power cords and cabling from the ceiling using eye hooks."

Or you can put a small eye hook on the bottom of the shelf directly above the component, and relieve the pressure with a piece of string.
Complain to manufacturers. They may give you free lighter weight replacement as part of safety recall.
Also there's an option to use Prozac Rx(tends to relieve stress). Just crush them and pour some powder over the stressed parts.
In fact, I utilize many of these in my system, not only for the previously stated reason, but as cable elevators to get them up off the carpet for sonic effect. The cylinders (3" diameter) can be made with stiff black construction paper (available at an art supply store) and taped with black masking type tape for aesthetics.
I ended up cutting a piece of thick foam padding (that you often see in packing material) and it is providing support to my power cable.

I'm thinking of cutting the foam padding in half and adding a few layers of sorbothane and then gluing it back together attaching a small battery to bias the vibrations down the foam. .... or perhaps not. LoL