Cable support poll.

Having been recently convinced of the benefits of lifting the cables off the floor, what are your prefernces? Foam, rubber, glass, ceramic, wood, stone? I am currently using cut up pieces of long foam pipe insulation from the hardware store.
I use porcelon telephone pole insulators ( brown porcelon ). The type with the groove built in. I have a nice collection ranging from 3' high to 8" high. They work fine and look great!
Telephone pole insulaters. Search "Insulators" on ebay to find hundreds of them. Need blue ones to match your carpet or green ones to match your cables? They are available on ebay.
I have a group of very young children doing this for me. It keeps them off the streets and they perform a badly needed service at the same time. Care and feeding's a bitch though!
I use the porcelin black/brown round lifters you can see on Audiogon for sale some time. I like them a lot. I cannot claim to have heard a substantial audio effect, but I also have not done serious comparative testing.
I bought 27 small ceramic pots from a craft store @ 33 cents ea. & just stack them as needed to achieve the height I want.

Don't have a clue if they work or not but they do help keep the cables organized.
Great, now we're all outbidding eachother for insulators on ebay. I can just see the smiles on the listers faces. "Wow, I never thought a glass insulator would bring $200 each." Nothing like bidding agains another Audiophile, cost is no object!
I was using CD jewel cases; but now I just let my Anti Cables "float" from the amp to my stand mounted speakers.

I use foam pipe insulation from Home Depot cut in half.

I was told this by a "very high end" dealer that used and sold in his store the very expensive ceramic lifters. He told me that at home he used pipe insulation and there was NO sonic difference.

i've got orangina bottles and chopsticks. Nothing but the classiest at the ragamuffin household. Mostly they keep the cables organized, going the right way and off the dusty wood floor.
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CD Jewel cases with cushions placed on the cables above the jewel cases. Works a treat and finally I have a use for some of the crap CD's that I've bought in the past.
I have 8-10 brown insulaters from power poles. 10-12" diameter.8-10" tall. How much they worth?