Call your Qobuz Representative to Request DSD

DSD purveyors are slim. NativeDSD is the only dedicated place I've found since Acoustic Sounds closed its DSD doors, but Qobuz Download Store would be the perfect ave.

I've had some email discussions with Qobuz suggesting it would benefit them to offer DSD downloads.

If there are any DSDer's out there that are on Qobuz, email them and express your interest in DSD files.




Check them out..I bought lot of titles from them. Expensive but they got some rare gems. You may end up picking your jaw off the floor once you hear some of the DSD recordings from 60’s.

The problem with any streaming provider is lack of information on the provenance of the recording. Until they do, I will not buy anything from Qobuz or Tidal.


Ahh I forgot about the past they didnt seem to have what I was into. Time to give them another look. Thanks

I just cruised through bluecoast again and after 12 samples...I just think its tasteless....just my opinion but Im not a fan.

I think Native Dsd has some nice stuff. Delieter Ilg, Peo alfonsi, fausto mesolella, enzo pietropaoli....also nice chambe music and .....

Well I purchased "Chet" 128 DSD and it sounded identical to 96.

It makes sense, it cant be better that the original, but I guess I was hoping that if they were going through the trouble to produce a DSD file, that they had an original that was different than the run of the mill.

With that, I don't think I will purchase from HDTapeTransfers again.


Thanks for the suggestion though.




Thanks for sharing your impressions. I can’t speak to “Chet" 128 DSD quality since I don’t own this title. If you only find one title worth trying then it’s not a place for you. 

On a separate note, check out following titles from Native DSD,

Take One - Piltch & Davis

Autumn Rain In A Secret Garden - Csaba Pengo

I have autum rain it is excellent. Pengo has another great record related to autum rain called Circles...not dsd but worth getting if you like autum rain.