Can I leave speaker jumpers in?

I’m setting up a second amp in my  system but my Audio Note speakers require bi wire. I plan to use separate cables for each amp. The first amp has the correct bi wire cables however I have a second pair of cables on hand that are not bi wired and will require some jumpers. My question is can I set up the jumpers and keep them installed and still use my bi wired cables or is this a no-no?
I hope I explained this alright.
I'm confused. Two stereo amps? With a crossover? Into a loudspeaker with a two way input?
No, sorry. I will only be using one amp at a time. Each will have their own set of cables so I don’t have to pull out the amps and change cables each time, only change cables at the speaker.
sorry I was unclear.

I guess I confused with the details.
is it ok to leave jumpers in when using bi wired cables on bi wired speakers?
No it’s confusing, try that one again.

The speakers have jumpers?

They need to be bi amped or bi wired? for single wire leave the straps, for single amp leave the jumpers, straps.

If the amps are mono block BUT bi wireable (two sets of post) you can bi wire if the impedance of the speaker XO is not to low.

I have a pair of speakers that CANNOT be bi wired, they come in at under 2 ohms paralleled and NOT made to be put in series. Rare but it is stock (No Straps or jumpers). They require TWO amp rails to run a single speaker or one stereo amp per side. Two sets of wires required.

Speakers with straps, if  you remove the straps it requires TWO sets of speaker cables or a bi wire set of cables. If you want to split the load, bass from mids/highs. Two sets of cables and two separate amp rails (channels) are required.. AGAIN the straps CANNOT be in place and use a second amp, is a total NO NO..
Remove the straps if your gonna use TWO amps channels (rails) on the same speaker with the straps. THEY MUST BE removed..

Clear as mud right...:-)

I am not bi amping. They are not mono blocks.
I over complicated it.
I have two amplifiers. For fun I want to listen to one for a while then the other. Not at the same time.
My speakers have a + and - for low and high frequency so they need bi wired cables.
I have two pairs of cables. One pair is bi wired and one is not so it requires jumpers. Can I leave the jumpers in while using the bi wired pair of cables?
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Yes, and you can even experience performance benefits from leaving jumpers in while bi-wiring (I do).  But you should consider upgrading the jumpers if you’re using the stock plates that typically come with speakers as they can compromise sound quality, and it can be a relatively cheap tweak.
Just out of curiosity what amps are you using? And which model AN speakers?
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Do not leave the jumpers in when bi wiring.  It will sound funny.  But it won’t kill anything. 
No remove the jumpers when using the Bi wire cable or put both end of the bi wire cable to on speaker imputes then use the jumpers from there to the other impute. Make sure amp is off when switching wires,
It's been my experience that if you have a speaker that has two sets of terminals the jumpers that come with them are usually made of some type of inferior stamped metal.
Almost any copper wire that you put between the posts would be an improvement over stamped metal jumpers.
Even a good pair of 16 gauge copper wire pieces per side, would do the trick.And it's an improvement you can easily hear. Especially in the upper mid-range and treble. It's one of the cheapest and most effective tweaks that I've ever used.
I wouldnt leave jumpers in as no benefit to biwire cable. It should only take seconds to put jumper in. But do a listening test as if you can't hear difference then don't bother 
I’m trying the jumpers in, even while using BiWire cables.  Initially a little more laid back presentation.  Using MIT Magnum jumpers with MIT REV 60 cables.  Fun experiment!
Realize already that the definition, detail, air and space that I heard before the jumpers were put in is gone!  Bad idea 👎 
I’ve purchased another pair of bi wired cables so I won’t have to mess with the jumpers. Thx to all for your helpful input.
Try this, if possible; 

If you have enough jumpers with the right terminations, you can double them up. Doubling jumpers (absolutely parallel) is very efficacious. I do not use jumpers and bi-wire at same time. If you have jumpers with spades and jumpers with banana terminations, that can work well, too. 

Then, you can double up the speaker cables (absolutey parallel, no crossing over from L to R!) to one set of speaker posts, along with jumpers, single or double. There are more permutations on basic jumping available than most audiophiles realize.  

Options, which will all sound different:
Single wire to either set of posts (try both) and jumpers
             "                                                     and double jumpers 
Double jumpers; double speaker cables (parallel) to upper posts
           "                                                        lower posts

BE CAREFUL! CHECK YOUR WORK! Make one mistake and you can blow your amp, and perhaps hurt your speakers. This is not the time to be hasty or careless! 

You will be surprised at the differences between these methods. AWG is very important. I do these kinds of builds all the time.  :) 

Then, if you really want to advance things, look into the Schroeder Method of Interconnect Placement. Do your own due diligence on that, as it is a do at your own risk maneuver.  
I think it is a big no no because the resistance the amplifier sees or each speaker will be wildly different you should have bi wire cables or regular cables with jumpers not both.
Yep, I wasn’t sure so I bought new bi wired cables, be here soon.
thanks to all.