Can I put a 60" tv behind my Magnepan 3.7i speakers?

I'm having trouble thinking this listening room has 3  sides with records 7 rows high... Concrete floor, but all  carpeted the speakers are 5' from the wall    Definitely not a lively room! I was thinking about putting a new 60 inch tv between and behind them...apparently the tv with base would be around 14" off the wall( I could bring the speakers out another 10" if 'necessary')
any guess how it might affect the sound and imaging etc???
Sure sure you can. If you're concerned about sound reflecting off the screen; you might consider a bracket extended in both depth and width to accommodate a pair of heavy curtains that can be drawn to the sides past the TV. Could look quite dramatic, in a good way.

^BTW, 60" might be a bit small for what I imagine the viewing distance to be.

I have a 73" DLP between and behind my Wisdom L75 speakers. I put a black bed quilt over the TV when I listen. That does the trick.
I have a large flat panel behind my stats but I have a TV Lift that goes up and down by remote.  For serious listening, I lower the TV and have RPG diffusers behind it.  
Being as directional(aka: beamy) as they are, planar speakers aren’t as affected by things placed between channels as most. I’ve got two systems, both sporting Maggies. One with a flat-screen and the other with my equipment rack between the panels. Between their toe-in and diffusers(positioned where the rear, directly radiated, sound waves hit the wall), there is no interference with either system’s presentation. 
Yes. I put my flat panel right between, and 20 inches behind, two pairs of big new quads. I wanted the plane of the screen to be near the plane of the speakers to synchronize sound and motion.

I have a 55" plasma TV between my Maggie 1.5QR's - and slightly behind.  If you want to experiment, toss a blanket over the TV.

It sounds like you want to use the TV speakers as a center fill channel?

I've done it.  I ain't proud of it, mind ya' but I tried it...
My speakers are directional but when I placed a 4" bass trap over the TV it calmed down the image. Check my system on virtual systems for a look. 
I have a 65" TV behind my Magnepan 3.7i's, but it's almost 9' behind them.  It probably negatively affects the sound to some degree, but sometimes you have to compromise.  
ebm, if that comment was directed at me, I can say that a little experimentation and a little research are the keys. I have good imaging and depth, and a far better movie experience than any theatre short of IMAX.
So I just threw a blanket over my TV to see if it made a difference and didn't really notice any change.
Good - you don't have to worry

(except about whether the TV's speaker will add ot or mess up your sound...)
BTW, Wendell at magnepan told me he likes Diffusers and they need to cover a lot of area...
Yeah I'm wondering how much of a difference diffusors would make in place of my TV.  I already have four (two on each side) though.
stick some over the tv and find out - if worth the trouble you can then wall mount them
That speaker is so good, you should do everything you can to get the most from them
stick some over the tv and find out - if worth the trouble you can then wall mount them

I can't fit GiK diffusors in front of the TV on the stand, nor can I wall mount over 3/4 of the TV because it's partially in front of a window.  Do you know of any other really thin diffusors?
i have a 60" flat screen at eye level height when i am in listening position flat against the rear wall with my pair of MG 3.7i visually directly at the edges of the screen and the combination works exemplary in my humble opinion.
THANKS! for all the great responses...
after some more consideration, (and the mention that 60" would be Too small for the room),and just not wanting anymore variables,
 I just decided to put the tv in another room and I'll put together a diff system for tv only later on...time to learn about surround sound!