Carmina Burana - I need a good CD

I need a recommendatin of a good recording of the Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff. The more big and bawdy the better.
If "Big and Bawdy" is the way you want it, then my first choice would be:

Orff Carmina Burana
Artists: Gruberova / Aler / Hampson / Shin-Yu Kai Choir
Seiji Ozawa, Conductor, Berliner Philharmoniker
International release date: December 2000
Label: Philips

There are many other fine recordings, but they are not as Big and Bawdy as this one IMHO. Some conductors go more for "Romantic" more than "Bawdy"; or they are so concerned with trying to make it musically perfect, it sounds more "Refined" in the end.. Nothing wrong with those if that is someone's taste...
The soloist really go for it here, as does the chorus.
Very good sound quality as well.
Earlier, I had posted a thread on this topic, and had a number of great responses. However, I can't seem to dig it up in the archives for some reason. Since my initial request, though, I have picked up (or rather, soon will acquire) a Soney DVP-NS999ES CD/SACD player. Does anyone know of any worthwhile SACD recordings of Carmina Burana?

Hi Baileyje,

Dave Glackin, a reviewer for Positive Feedback magazine, has brought in a wonderful recording of Carmina for many years to my display suites at CES and other audio shows. You may want to check some of his CES reports or reviews to see if he lists the recording label and catlog number.


Barry Kohan

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The Telarc recording with Donald Runnicles and Atlanta SO is about as big as it gets, and one of the best versions on disc.
Robert Shaw conducting the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performance on Telarc CD-80056 is a good performance and long time favorite reference disk for many audiophiles. It is now available on SACD.

For pure musical performance and not to satisfy audiophile needs, Andre Previn's performance on EMI Classics CDU 66951 is a "must audition".
The thread you are looking for is here, and as I did in that thread, I still heartily recommend the Telarc with Donald Runnicles & the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, which I think you'll be particularly pleased with (especially if you're looking for an SACD version).

The disc is a hybrid, so you get 2-channel Redbook, 2-channel SACD and multi-channel SACD all on one disc. My setup is 2-channel only, though, so I can't comment on the multi-channel program, but both of the stereo programs (especially the SACD) sound great!
I like the Shaw/Atlanta over the more recent Blomstedt/SF, but my favorite is actually a small-scale chamber version with 2 pianos fron Sweden...let's see...BIS CD-734 Kroumata Percussion Ensemble & The Uppsala Choir School Children's Choir. Extraordinarily dynamic!

I finally took your advice and picked up the Telarc Runnicles CD/SACD, and the CD layer is very impressive! I am still waiting on my Denon 5900 to be transformed by Dan Wright (he should receive it tomorrow), so I haven't even had a chance to hear the SACD layers, but needless to say, I am looking forward to it!

Thank you for an excellent recommendation.