Cartridge Headshell Match

I recently purchased a Technics SL1200 GR.  

I currently have an Ortofon MC Rondo Red mounted.

I plan on getting another Headshell and mounting a Benz Micro Glider that I just had re-tipped on it.  

I noticed some headshells have azimuth adjustment which would be nice but weigh around 12 grams. 

I can get a technics style headshell with no azimuth adjustment that weighs around 7.6 grams.

The Benz Glider weighs  6.6 grams

The Ortofon MC Rondo weighs 10.5 grams and sounds great with the stock Technics headshell.  

 The Benz is lighter in weight than the Ortofon by almost 4 grams so would that better mate with a heavier headshell?

I know this subject has been covered many times before but it still confuses me a bit.
Azimuth adjustment, not necessary, not worth it. Actually had a Glider on my Graham arm for a while, worked great, then thanks to comments from various people decided to waste a few hours playing with azimuth. Which is how I know its a waste of time. Not to mention all you have to do is study cartridge design to understand it just does not work the way everyone thinks. Plenty of guys feel otherwise and/or enjoy fiddling, and in that case feel free to disregard.

Between the headshells however there definitely will be a difference. Unfortunately impossible to know which is better ahead of time all you can do is compare and see.
I don't go crazy with azimuth.  I don't use any Fonzi-gometer or whatever that thing is or any other electonic devices to adjust.

I have one of those plexi-glass squares with a grid that you can stand up in front of the cartridge/headshell and see if it's at least square with the grid.  I usually make sure that the stylus is perpendicular to the cartridge body before hand then I try to match it.

But, if it's not necessary as you say then I would be happy to not mess with it.
I would not buy the LP Gear headshell thinking it is going to weigh 10 grams. Almost certainly a Jelco HS-25 which is typically spec'd around 11.4 grams without the supplied leads or screws or around 12 or slightly higher with the Jelco leads.

Those are accurate numbers based on the two Jelcos that I have here.

The LP Gear dimensions also make no sense. A headshell that is 12.7 mm wide? Distance between mounting slots perhaps-exactly 1/2" co-incidentally. The Jelcos I have here fit the LP Gear description in terms of other dimensions (length and thickness) and are about 19.7 mm wide. 

You would not be able to mount any (normal)  1/2 inch cartridge on a headshell that was actually 12.7 mm wide, at least not with 2 screws, as opposed to having 12.7 mm between the slots, which is probably what LP Gear is (oddly) referring to. 

If you really want a 9-10 gram headshell I'd look elsewhere. But the LP Gear shell is probably a pretty decent 12 gram headshell. 

If you want something lighter, check out some of the Yamamoto shells.
''Match'' is relational notion between at leste two objects. But
the related objects can ''on their own'' be different. This is the
case by carts which have different fastening provisions. Some
have threads with different dimensions such that different screws
are needed to fasten the cart involved. Those without threads 
will need nuts in addition to screws. 
The headshells with ''azimuth provision'' have an added function.
The possibility to adjust the eff. length by additional possibility to
move cartridge (aka stylus)in either direction.  
The headshell weight relate to eff. mass of the tonearm. The lighter
the headshell the lower the arm mass.                                                   

I really don’t think I got my point across clearly.
I’ll try and simplify it here.

Turntable: Technics SL1200GR
Cartridge Mounted: Ortofon MC Rondo Red (wt. 10.5 g)
Headshell: Technics (wt. 7.6 g)

I want to mount my Benz Glider (wt. 6.6 g) on the turntable with a headshell that I don’t have yet. I’d prefer one with azimuth adjustment. What has been suggested is the LPGear 10 g headshell or the Jelco 12 g headshell.
I’m leaning toward the LPGEAR one because it is lighter.
But would the Jelco be a better match for the Benz because it is heavier?
Nick, the Benz is an intermediate compliance cartridge and your arm is on the heavier side. Go with the lightest headshell as you can always add weight. Much harder to take it away. Get the Hi Fi News Test Record. It has both vertical and lateral resonance tracks. You want between 8 and 12 Hz. I always shoot for between 8 and 10 Hz because I think the bass is better. You could be lucky and not have to add any weight but the test record is the only way to know for sure what you are doing and it is short money.
I have the Hi Fi News Test Record but have never used it before for cartridge/arm resonance testing.  I will break it out tomorrow and test my current combination of arm/headshell/cartridge(Ortofon) to see where the resonance of that combination lies.

LP Gear makes two Zupreme headshells with Azimuth adjustment.  One is 10 grams the other is 12.1 grams.  
The Jelco is 12.1 grams.  Haven't found  a Jelco that is 10 grams.
The stock Technics is only 7.6 grams.  

As yogiboy and mijostyn pointed out, I can always add weight.  I was concerned that the Glider is only 6.6 grams and may need a heavier headshell.

Don't assume that, you never know for sure until you test it. You want  bright light and watch the cantilever carefully. When you hit the resonance point the cantilever will start shaking. for the lateral watch the cantilever from the front. For the vertical watch the cantilever from the side. Have fun!


Thanks for the calculator link.
I’m assuming the effective tonearm mass includes the stock Technics headshell.

Most of the combinations of headshells and cartridges I have or may obtain calculate to somewhere between 8 to 10. Maybe just over 10.

Even if I use a 12.1g headshell with the Glider the res.freq. comes to 9.1

If I use the 12.1 with the heavier Ortofon comes to 8.8

Doesn’t seem completely out of whack.
I'm going to test this with the Hi Fi news record to see if the resonance frequency comes out to around 9 with the Ortofon/Technics cart. and headshell.  

Will let you all know what I find.

Using the HiFi New Test Record the Ortofon/Technics combo I got:

Lateral  11 Hz
Vert.      10 Hz

Seems close enough.
I figure the Benz should work with pretty much any of the headshells that have been recommended.  

Either the Jelco or LPGear Zupreme w/azimuth adjustment or another Technics style headshell without azimuth adj. but won't know until I actually try one.

Thanks all.

I would go for a wooden headshell in the range of 10 to 12 grams.
That is a perfect match with the Benz cartridge.
First of all there is nothing wrong with Technics stock headshell on SL1200GR turntable and this headshell is the best match for this mid mass arm, you can change it if you like different design or if you need higher mass, but do not expect any upgrade with the most of them, especially conventional like Jelco. 

One of the cheapest and the best headshells available today (new) is Audio-Technica Technihard with adjustable overhang, azimuth. This shell has treated holes for cartridge mounting from beneath. And two models available (long and short).  Read more about Technihard material. 

There is a magnesium shell from AT, but it must be avoided for Technics arm as with the treated mounting holes there is no overhang adjustment on this model and stylus overhand can be off with some cartridges. 

Many great headshells are old, available secondhand. This is the one i really like, it's AudioCraft headshell with treated holes on the finger lift (very easy to use). Grace headshell is nice. Stax headshell is nice, it has azimuth and overhang adjustment. This one is not cheap, but it's a perfect lock headshell (dual lock). On the cheap side something very simple like Kenwood is nice for Technics tonearm. Entre headshell is also nice and cheap. 

On exotic side there is a Grace Carbon headshell which is very nice, but expensive.