CD player reccomendations please

I am looking for a new digital front end that has a very nice analog sound and my budget is $1500.00 in the used market.

Here is my system:

Audible Illusions Modulus 3A preamp
B&K Refrence 4420 amp
Pioneer ELITE DV-59AVi universal player
B&W CDM9NT speakers

So far i have been thinking of these models:

Classe CDP1
Rega Apollo
Marantz S8260

Any ideas? I would love to have this sorted out fairly soon.

You may want to include a Lector 0.6t to your list. Very nice sounding and you can tube roll. I have one connected with an audience power cord and AU24 IC. Very smooth sounding.
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Be sure to include the Cambridge 840C on your short list. My review of it is over at AudioAsylum. Good luck!
Definitely the Audio Aero Prima
can be found used on AGon for around your budget
hold the presses. i just received today, the melody cd m10. it uses 2 6sn7 tubes and an ar5 rectifier tube. it has 2 massive power supplies and weighs 75 pounds.

i will be reviewing this player for, so i can't say too much.

i suggest you audition this player before you buy anything else. the retail price is $2500.
Cambridge Audio 840C.
However in order for the Cambridge Audio 840C to really sound sweet, you have to run it with balanced interconnects. I don't know if your Audible Illusions Modulus 3A preamp has RCA and XLR.
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Is the Lector 0.5T any good? I love the reccomendations guys, thanks. Do you think any of your reccomendations would be a lateral step to the side from my DV-59AVi? Cause it sounds pretty darn good. I am coming off from a full on vinyl system and i am looking for the most analog sound i can get for my budget, again, thanks!
Well, i am about to take the plunge, but i need a little help deciding between a few different models:

Classe CDP 1
Jolida JD100A
Roksan Caspian
Quad 99
Lector 0.6T

I am really looking for the most smooth analog presentation that can be had. I really would prefer that the unit has both solid tight bass and most importantly the least amount of shrillness in the upper freq's.

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I would add Naim CD5i to my short list of CDP's to listen to. It just might be the winner between the one's you've listed. :-)
The Oppo DV-970HD (149.US) is insanely good , having been favorably compaired to players costing gads more.

Go to read the reviews and the buy yourself one. Use the 970 as a tool to compair other units. Most likely you will keep this gem that has more options , SOTA chips and "magic" in the music.

If you are willing to spend a grand and half you owe it to yourself. Oppo has a liberal return policy. Nothing to loose but a few bucks on s/h but I feel you will be shocked at the value for $.
No longer distributed here in the US, but you can find the Cairn Fog v.2 here used on A'gon.

This was a long time reference CDP of mine. I sold it, I regretted it and now again I am a proud owner - as soon as I put it back in the system in found what I had been missing. This player is incredibly musical IMO!
Eastern Electric MiniMax cdp, does HDCD as well...very easy to tube roll. L'wood
Before we agree to disagree read the reviews on the Oppo Web Site , review the chip set ... This package does not come along ofton.
Considering that a Linn Ikemi was just listed on Audiogon for $1500 (which sold already), it seems warranted to suggest adding that CDP to your short list. Months back I sold mine on Agon for $1900, but it was a mint model which I had purchased new just a couple years before. That CDP was a phenomenal redbook player in my system (at the time, a Bryston B60 integrated B&w DM 603 and Stax Electrostats + tube earspeaker driver unit). The only reason I sold it was to upgrade my whole analog rig. Treble to die I concur with much of what else has been written about the Linn.