Choosing and buying headphones

My name is Sergiy.I am from Ukraine.
Help me choose full-size headphones for the player  Astell&Kern Kann Alpha up to 1000$.There are two main requirements for headphones: comfort and sound quality.
It is possible to buy headphones for and send this item to my friend in USA who will send it to me then? Is it possible?
Possible options:
1. Denon AH-D7200 725$
2. Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 575$
3. Focal Elear 550$
Or it is better not to risk it and buy new ones from the store.( , )
Best Regards
Hi Sergiy welcome aboard..A few questions for you:
Do you want plug in cable OR will you get something wireless & use the excellent Bluetooth?
Will these be used strictly at home or do you need something that you can take with you everywhere?
 Have you heard any decent headphones & what was your experience listening?
 All that said I have demo'd pretty much everything under $1000.00 U.S. including:Audeze LCD2 & LCD2 Fazor,HiFiMan HE560/Ananda/HE1000 & Sundara,several Grado's,several Sennheisers & Focal all the way to the top..Of all I have listened to my absolute favorites were Sennheiser HD800S & HiFiMan HE1000 but couldn't afford to keep the Sennheisers so settled for the HiFiMan Sundara($350.00 U.S.$),which IMO is ABSOLUTELY BEST open back headphone UNDER $1000.00!
For BlueTooth the HiFiMan "Deva"would get my $..
Check & spend time there,amazing place for headphone lovers...Good luck...
My wife ships to family in Russia a lot, or did, the last year or so has been rough. Not only Russia, problems shipping to UK as well. I will spare you our horror stories. So first question before even talking headphones, who can ship what and will it get there? You might have better luck buying new for this reason alone.  
If you buy from Ebay they have a Global Shipping program using USPS that I have used to ship to several EU countries with flawless results..
1.Connect via cable only
2.Universal desirable: both for home and for the street
3.Listened Fostex TH-900 ,MrSpeakers AEON Flow, beyerdynamic dt 1990 pro, ibasso sr2, Audeze LCD-1 .Of these models, I liked the fit on the head and sound the most MrSpeakers AEON Flow.I will try to listen to it soon HiFiMAN Ananda.
At the moment I own Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 but their huge disadvantage is inconvenience - you won't listen to music for a long time.
Music I listen to: New Age / Ambient / Electronic, Blues-Rock, Folk-Rock, Melodic Hard Rock and more.
My own sister lives near Baltimore. Send to her address. And then she will send me Ukraine.
I have not yet decided where to buy the headphones. I bought the Astell & Kern KANN Alpha player at
Best Regards
You should do headphone research and buys and sell of headphone gear on

Last month I posted ads on Head-fi for my Meze Empy and Benchmark HPA4. The Empy went to a buyer in Canada and the HPA4 went to Paris, France. I am in the USA. For the HPA4 we used the payment system called WISE. PayPal was a pain when it came to foreign transactions.

If you buy used this maybe helpful.
Wise, Formerly TransferWise: Online Money Transfers | International Banking Features

I've heard those 3 headphones before. I will say that each one is unique in terms of sound. 

If you are spending good money (whatever that amount is) to you, then you may want to audition the headphones in question at a shop before you buy. 

I can't tell you how many times friends of mine have been disappointed with their headphones. In the end, we listened to headphones together and they were able to make the right decision.
I have owned a number of Denton and Focal. I would choose Focal of the two. While it certainly depends on taste… I had to buy a big high powered amp to get Denon’s bass under control. Focal are easy to drive, well balanced and detailed… I think a very high quality safe bet to start with. Most of us end up with many pair.
Those 3 are great headphones. I own them and its good. Moreover, consider for other guys opinion too. Have a great day!
Yesterday I listened to hifiman ananda in the store. I liked the sound, but they are huge in size. You can't turn your head too much, they will subside. I also managed to listen to HiFiMAN HE5se, by landing they are much more comfortable than ananda, but the sound is inferior.
Massdrop may not ship these worldwide, but if they do, you should consider these:

The Elex is a modified Elear.  I have not heard the other headphones you mentioned, but I have about a dozen headphones including much more expensive ones like LCD4, LCDXC, HD800, and Sony MDR-Z1R and the Elex more than holds its own.  It is very neutral, dynamic, detailed, and comfortable. 
I had the Sennheiser 650’s for years until I upgraded. They are popular but for me comfortable and sounded good. Not as heavy on the head as some are.
Now they’ve been updated to the HD660S model. Moon Audio carries them, you can inquire with Moon about compatibility with your player. They’re in your price range.
If you can, try them on in person to test for comfort and see if they sound good to you. Take your player.

Yesterday I listened to hifiman ananda in the store. I liked the sound, but they are huge in size.
You should try the Hifiman Sundaras if they have them as they have a smaller form factor. 

Спасибо автору за статтю, очень понятно и доходчиво обяснено, сразу видно профисионал писал. -100 грн не на правах рекламы 11Z213Q100

Yesterday I listened to Focal Radiance and Denon AH-D9200 headphones (source astell & kern kann alpha). Both in terms of sound and convenience I liked Denon much more. Now the choice must be made between DAN CLARK AUDIO - AEON 2 ($ 770), Dan Clark Audio Ether C Flow 1.1 ($ 1500), Denon AH-D9200 ($ 1500), DROP + MRSPEAKERS ETHER CX ($ 750) ...

Meze Audio makes good headphones in the sub $1k range that are comfortable to wear.