Classical Record Collection Needs New Home

I inherited this collection from a friend of the family, and it's been sitting in storage for some time now. It's all classical.


All classical. The first shelf is regular 33 1/3 RPM vinyl, while the other three shelves are all shellac 78 RPM records.

This was carefuly curated by the person I got it from. He noted in each record every time it was played, for example, so you could tell the worn ones and the good ones.

It's a collector's dream!

I need to find a home for it, or it's going to get thrown out. I can't keep paying storage on it. I'm trying to move it off these nice racks and into plastic bins which I can stuff in my basement, but that's slow and my basement is filling up.

As it turns out I'm not willing to list each album for sale on eBay and let them sit there until someone buys them. There's too many and the profit margin is too thin with the difficulties of shipping.

Anyone with a truck want to come pick them up? They're in San Jose, CA and they're heavy. If someone wants to come and cherry pick them, or just wants the 33's, that'd be workable.

Otherwise I'm going to be taking carloads of 78's to the dump, which seems a shame. But I'm not set up to play them right now, and nobody seems to want classical 78's.

Any ideas?



Hi @laufeyjarson 

It's kind of you to offer.

You could also post on another forum where many members have analogue rigs, including some setup for mono & 78rpm

Thanks for posting.  Hope these all find a home as it would be a shame to see these go to waste.  Agree with gregm, post this on multiple sites.  There certainly are collectors out there who would want these--just a matter of finding them. 

lupus dot org

they come to your house and pick stuff up.

usually, they want the items at the end of your driveway, arrange a date, they come, load it, drive off. we use them after garage day sales, they take what didn’t sell.

I would contact them, tell them idea of size, you are showing 36 lf of shelves.

I just inherited and moved 4,000. lps.

I bought ’banker’ boxes’, (you will need them to move them anyway).

pack them sideways in the box, (lengthwise gets too heavy), so 12" each box = 36 boxes, figure 40.

will they pickup at the storage facility????


I donated a large collections of 78's to a local college recently,    They were so grateful, and I get a tax break.    The institution in question offered to come get them.

Simple, straight forward.  Win - win.

I donated my Dad’s vinyl to my county’s symphony orchestra. They have regular auctions to raise money. People win a 78, keep it for a while then donate back. 

Wow.. I wished I was much more local as 90% of my collection is classical.  

How about contacting libraries / music departments of  San Jose State University / Santa Clara Univ /  DeAnza / Stanford University etc  to see if they have any interest ?