Coherent Speakers from Canada

Hi. I am quite interested in this line of speakers, especially the 10" and 12" models..has anyone had experience with them? or currently running them? The only place I see them for sale is from a dealer in Canada, Audiowise....any info would be appreciated.

No info on their website. The one image on their site, the speaker looks like a Snell type E clone.  Similar to some of the Devore and Audio Note speakers.  
Ontario and Quebec has some rich speaker making heritage some of which doesnt become widely known or  even make it into global market, not because it isn't good. Coherant is just down the road from me. I liked hearing Omega's on Blue Circle gear.  
Coherent, if they're serious about actually selling these things, should hire somebody to put together a website. Or simply get a reasonably adept high school kid to do one for free as an intern.
Spoke with the maker Frank the past days...a really wonderful man who is very open about what he is making....really high quality workmanship , thought and parts going into these speakers. I have already ordered a pair and am looking forward to hearing them with my 300b amp. I also want to commend Dan at Audiowise...a really great person to speak with and deal with..he made this all go very smoothly... with direct answers and thoughtful suggestions. It is so nice when one runs into people like this in our "passion"....I always wish to support them! Yes they need a more in-dpeth website , but hey they are busy making the product and available to speak...that is all I can ask for!!! thank you all for your input.
Looking at the pictures, these speakers definitely looks like a Canadian version of a Devore orangutan :).  Let us know what you think once get them. 
Very nice looking speakers. To say version can sound discrediting to the builder. There are plenty of full designs that aren’t distinctly un similar. They reminded me of Tannoy firstly.
This speaker brand has received very good show reviews/reports at the Canadian TAVES particularly from 6 Moons. The designer Frank Fazzalari is quite regarded. It is apparently an easy to drive speaker,  6 Moons said it sang in a large room with a 10 watt amplifier. I'm interested in your listening impressions in due time. 
@rwanda please do let us know how they go. Don't leave us hanging, as so often happens with these threads...
i will follow up...Frank is actually making the pair for me now....and keeping me informed with images.....i expect they will arrive soon and then need some "break-in" time. i ordered the 10" version as that was what I thought fit my room previous speakers were Blumenhofer FS3..and 8" I expect this will be a nice surprise, though the FS were fantastic as well.
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Hello I am awaiting delivery of the new speakers...I had to be overseas for work for 5 weeks then a move so I asked Frank to make them and then to burn them in....I heard back that they are sounding wonderful and are being shipped this week. Once I have had some time with them I will let you know my thoughts.....I told Frank no rush when I ordered them as I knew I would be away.....
An update....the speakers arrived yesterday and they are now set up and running....where shall I begin?
First they look beautiful, the craftsmanship is amazing....and just lovely to behold! understated and elegant.....but more importantly the too my ears perfect. I am listening to Bill Evans in the Black feels as if he is present both low and higher volumes.....importantly they have only been playing for about 20-30 minutes so after a day or two or three I will write a more detailed observation.
Needless to say I am more than satisfied and want to state what a gentleman Frank is to deal with and speak with.......I highly recommend  more people who love SET amplifiers look and listen to these new speakers...a perfect compliment.

I still find that the site for Coherent remains somewhat incoherent as only one model pops up in the "products" area, but more than one is discussed elsewhere. Is more coherency to be expected, or does one simply need to talk to the designer? In any case, they look interesting to me as I now am bound to efficiency in speaker purchasing if not when posting comments.
Congratulations on your new speakers, being this pleased with them at this early juncture is very encouraging. Based on their design and what I’ve been able to read about them they seem to be very well executed. I look forward to further listening impressions from you.

I’ve been an advocate of efficient easy to drive speakers and SET/low power amplifiers for quite some time. I can appreciate yours and Wolf’s happiness with this choice. . Done correctly it can result in superb natural sound.
Thank you Charles......Frank is not someone who is spending time on his website, since he is a 1 man operation all his time goes into the building of the speakers. Audiowise Canada has some further information and pictures I  believe....and I would encourage anyone interested to contact Frank as he is more than willing to talk about the speakers.

From my conversation this morning with him an interesting fact is that there is no sound dampening material in the boxes...only a series of wood baffles..which allows a very neutral non fatiguing sound and of course a certain PRAT ....just lovely for my music choices.
Hi rwanda, 
It seems that at most of the audio shows the Coherent speaker is mated to  the highly regarded Triode Labs 2A3 SET amplifier with apparently stellar results.  What amplifier are you using with these speakers?
@rwanda Just discovered this thread; thanks for bringing this brand to our attention. I like the whole coaxial design principle, in general, and I'd love to hear them some day; sounds like a great match for SET amps.
They kind of remind of one of the WLM speakers, a monitor I believe.
Having just wood baffles with no dampening also reminds me of Ocellia  speakers. It's a proven recipe and it takes a certain chef to get it just right. I hope you're rewarded with your purchase.

All the best,
Charles 1 I am using a modded Cary 300 SEI with NOS 6sn7 and EML XLS 300b tubes....
I have the Coincident Frankenstein MK II SET amplifier and use the EML XLS.  You obviously have superb taste! 😊  It is a fantastic tube and I bet that your system sounds absolutely wonderful. 
Hi Everyone, Frank here and I just thought to let you all know that my site is lacking( suck!) but I have a choice build customers orders 
or work on site for future orders. Over the next few weeks I will add
more info, but in the mean time just email me if you have any questions.
PS I still haven't finished planting my tomatoes and that should be priority. That gives you an idea how busy I am.
Thanks for chiming in Frank.......I think there is a lot of interest and I know you are better able to speak about these speakers than i...but boy I am enjoying them:-)
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I listen mostly to jazz......all forms and 50% CD and 50% vinyl. I especially listen to West Coast Jazz horn players...but lots of piano as well.
The type of music you listen to requires an audio system capable of providing a very organic and realistic presentation. No doubt that this wonderful genre of music sounds devine in your home. West Coast jazz horn players ? Oh yea! 😊
This has been said before, but when has redundancy every stopped somebody around here? Any properly designed speaker should play all music well. Dynamics of classical music, acoustic jazz trios (especially modern ones…as an example a current fave of mine, Vijay Iyer, can be as heavy as Megadeath), or whatever you prefer are all demanding of drivers in a box.  Those drivers should deliver the goods regardless of musical type obviously only restricted by ultimate levels and lowest bass response…if that's important get a good sub (or 2). Play some delicate music as I do when sound checking a multi thousand watt live system and it should be beautiful and nuanced…don't settle for anything less in your home.
Hi rwanda, 
You wrote that you listen to digital 50% of the time. What is your digital source? I look forward to further listening impressions of these very interesting speakers. 
Hi all,

Not trying to diss anyone else's speakers Wolf_Garcia, I just happen to love these especially after my Blumenhofer FS 3 whihc I sold when I left the right the left coast.
My digital source is an Audio Aero Capitole MK II se....I have had many but this one fits best since my Bluenote Stibbert died a year or so ago...that player was heaven but had a finicky transport.
I use all Synergistic Research Looking Glass wires...bought them about 20 years ago and still love them with this gear....In the end am still looking for music...mostly Art Pepper and Gerry Mulligan, but lately Dollar Brand.......and many many others....

The biggest challenge is that I am in a new has little in the way of rugs or furniture so that it can be bright, at least it was with my Odeon Monitor speakers (back up pair ) and once I started listening to the Coherent those problems largely disappeared....

Thanks for the reply.  The Audio Aero Capitole has universal praise for very natural high caliber sound quality. 
Audio Aero is a dream...I had the Lector 7CDP tl , it was quite nice but not as resolving or even across the felt a little "dark" with the whole system....but was also an excellent the past mostly used Naim players.
As you can see I prefer tube CD units as these more closely approximate Vinyl.....and sometimes there is not the time or energy to put on an I go to my CD's....
I have enjoyed this hobby for some time and continue too....I typically have a cut off financially as to what I can commit and try to stick by it....I know it is all too easy to keep upping the ante...and in the end it is the music that counts and pleasure from the system.
Today I heard a lot of ggreat music on a friends system...Rega Cd player and vintage MArantz was lovely....

Well thought to update all on these great I continue to listen to them it lets me know I made the right decision for my system....very neutral, immediate and engaging...listening to Sonny Rollins this night..."Rollins Plays for Bird".
I was also listening to Gerry Mulligan meets Johnny a few changes to the system in the last days....using an older VT231 tube in my Cary....smooths out the sound quite lovely....and added a PH3D phono records are playing daily now:-)

I also moved the entire system to a different room and this likely had the most effect on the sound...but the speakers now have an additional 100+ hours on them......

I just checkout out the Coherent site again and there seems to be one product, and in the "reviews" section there are 3 reviews with 2 being identical. 
There are apparently 2 models, both are coaxial.  The 8GR (8 Inch driver) 21 inch tall (monitor) and the floor standing model which can be built with a 10, 12 or 15 inch woofer-midrange driver. All of the models seem to use the 1.75 inch tweeter. I bet that this speaker line sounds wonderful.
 I have heard two models out of the lineup under show conditions at the Toronto audio show. I have heard both the 12 inch in the 15 inch. My strong favourite was the 15 inch. They are very similar to Tannoy.  The first year I heard them was with the 15 inch and they were in the running for best of show for me. They were being powered by McAllister amps at the time. The next two times they were powered by The Elekit 300 B kit amp, which I believe was holding them back a little.  They still  sounded very good but I wasn't blown away like the first year.   Like Tannoy I believe they would be best served by a good 845 amp  but I'm sure many others would suffice as well. I thought they sounded great with all genres of music. Frank is one of the good guys in the game that's for sure!
I am still enjoying my Coherent speakers , especially now that they have some time on them.....just perfect for the music I listen too. Currently fall is here and I am listening to more LP's on my Funk LSD with the FXIIR arm.....magic with a good single malt:-)

Really Frank is one of the super people in HI-FI and I cannot praise enough his product or service...simply superb!
Well thought to update people about these amazing time has gone by they have only improved.....but recently I had the opportunity to put a Don Garber 2a3  FI-X on them...all I can say is WOW!!! The speakers were really voiced for this tube....and all these years being a 300b person I did know what else was out there....needless to say I am overwhelmed. The 2a3 tubes were a pair of Sovteks and then a Pair of KR.....I am so impressed that today I ordered a new Triode Labs integrate 2a3......again without hearing or auditioning it first but on the good advice of Frank Fazzalari.
It will be some weeks before it is here but I will let you all know how the combo sounds.......

Checked the Coherant site again, and they continue to be amazingly lame. Ironically not "coherant" at all, with one product shown on the front page, and another smaller monitor displayed and described…note to Frank (or whomever is responsible), please fire your web designer.
Re-posted from another forum.
Well making the website better has been on my to do list for a year or so.  The problem is I have no time, I'm good for 7 to 8 hours a day so have to spend them in the shop making customers speakers and new prototypes. Will get help to post more models soon.

All my customers email me and I send all the info to them. If you are interested just email me.

Frank or off my web site.

Can't argue with Wolf's assessment of the  web site quality .   However by all accounts I'm aware of the speakers sound just beautiful and are very easy to drive. I'd put up with the former to get the latter 😊.
If you can't tell what the products actually are in the former, there ain't gonna be much latter. 

Well it seems as though he (Frank) is quite accessible via email and he is very busy building speakers for customers. So it appears that orders are being placed and fulfilled.  This is the classic one man operation predicament.  No doubt he could use an additional helping hand with a growing business.  I suspect he's acutely aware of this and will "eventually " sort it out. I'm rooting for anyone who manufactures quality high efficiency speakers (reasonably priced) that work successfully with low power amplifiers. 
Hi Ever one I finally have a real website, it is in the final stages of fine tuning
and will publish it to the web as soon as I figure that part out. Lots of pretty colours
and drop down things to click on.


"Have you hugged your table saw today ?"
Thanks for the update Mr. Garcia will be tickled pink I’m sure 😂.
A quick update...the Triode Labs 2a3 si came this week, I believe the last one to be built as Frank Ing told me it was his last chassis for this model. It is a hammertone gray and quite lovely to behold. I had it upgraded from the normal build, with Hashimoto transformers all around and Hashimoto choke. In addition working with Frank Ing he put in a number of other upgrades including Mudorff Supreme coupling caps, Lorlin selector switch, CMC tube sockets and is a FFX model. It has only about 24-30 hours on it and I have been told it will need about 150 hours to really settle in to judge fully the sound. I put the KR 2a3 tubes in it and am enjoying it immensely already.....a really wide sound-stage, solid bass and mid range base and beautiful upper range.

Will keep you informed but so far really enjoying this ride......and listening to lots of cd's and vinyl....Bill Evans is back in it now......