Combination BLU-Ray / DVD Player

I’m needing help on this one please. Lots to choose from I think. I’m selling my 17 lbs. Sony Blu-Ray BDP-S1…WITH remote( $1000 list in 1997). It works perfectly but I need to combine my cabinet space, and sell separates dvd/blu-ray components. 
So, am I doing the right thing? The Sony is a 9/10. 

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It’s mostly 4K resolution these days for BluRay silver disc and digital streaming options.

A 1997 unit is an old outdated legacy product, that has minimal current fair market value and market popularity. 

Good luck.

Blu-Ray and DVD days are numbered especially when Netflix ends their service in a few months.  I only rent and have no interest in buying or a library   I am planning on removing my Yamaha 1060, rip/sell my few  concert dics and go all streaming once Netfix pulls the plug.  Same thing I have already done with my CD equipment and discs.  

Just about every Blue-ray player made today will also play CD', DVD's, CDR's etc. you want to look for a multi disc player, Sony makes a few as do others. 

The beauty of most modern Sony's is that they all play rips on the USB.input. Future proof.

@fuzztone Thanks and I have the Sony ordered. Question now on best way to connect the sound for the Blu-Ray, or maybe there’s only one… I have Apple Airplay 2, a Rogue Preamp, a Bluesound Node and Denefrips Ares ll and then an Integrated Amp. I guess keep it simply into TV HDMI inputs?

Seems like a plug about your sale more than consolidatation, but I’ll bite.  I went from my all marantz in my ht room to the Oppo 203 and like the Oppo.  I Iike the copper chassis of the marantz, but like the Swiss Army knife approach.   In my sound room, I have a Oppo/Modwright tubed 105d and a Jay’s Audio into a dennafrips terminator 12th ann.  The Jays/Dennafrips is astonishingly detailed, but the Oppo plays SACDs and blue ray.