Come Play The Audiophile Genie Game

So you rubbed the magic lamp at the yard sale and out popped a genie. But he wasn't any ordinary Genie, he was an Audiophile Genie. And here is what he said:

Times are so bad right now and because I am audiophile, I am here to grant you six (6) wishes for 6 different audio systems because I know you audiophiles will never be happy with just 1 system.

I will build 6 separate listening rooms onto your home, each one will be expertly constructed and engineered to be the best sounding room available at any cost. Each room will also be finely decorated by the finest interior decorator in the land so that you will feel comfortable in each of your listening rooms...but here is the thing, you have 24 hours to decide what gear you are going to put in each room.

You cannot put off making these decisions to travel the world so you can audition gear to find out which is the most pleasing to you. You must use all of the audio wisdom that you have accumulated and decide what 6 systems you will put in your new rooms. Once you have decided, you must live with those 6 systems forever.

You will have a lifetime warranty on each piece so that if one breaks, you will get a brand new one and you will have a lifetime supply of tubes and music. Now go and come back tomorrow at the same time with your list for each room.

And one last thing - since I am an audiophile genie and have been couped up for so long in the magic lamp, I will let you choose 2 pairs of speakers for each listening room and also let you swap gear from one room to another if you wish. Now go and bring me back you list for each room.

Room 1:
Room 2:
Room 3:
Room 4:
Room 5:
Room 6:
Six rooms full of gear? I'd have trouble figuring out gear for more than two rooms. I guess I'm not a big dreamer.
No offense, but maybe if you asked for one system with a general price guideline, people might respond. Two systems at most, maybe an HT and a two channel system. But six complete systems with mutiple sets of speakers for each? Your post is kind of like asking people to research and write a volume of an encyclopedia....on to the next thread.
Unfortunately, having been laid off, I do have a bit more time on my hands these days that I would like.

It was written more as a part 2 to the the "hitting the lottery" thread and maybe I should have titled it more that way. I probably would have gotten better responses as well. However, after I wrote it, I realized that after 25 years in this hobby and after having so many hi end magazines and reading so many equipment reviews over the years that I too had a hard time playing the Audiophile Genie game.

I think it would be easier to take it in smaller chunks, say perhaps the top 6 amp/preamp/speaker combinations. In that respect, I would choose 3 SS systems and 3 different tube based systems for my 6 rooms.

1. Linn electronics, Spendor SP100 speakers, Harbeth HL5's

2. Spectral electronics, Vandersteen 5's, Thiel 3.6's

3. Motif electronics, ProAc Response 2's, Ref 3A's, REL subwoofer

4. Tektron tube amp/pre & huge supply of interchangeable 10, 45,50, 300b & 2a3's, Klipschorn and Cain & Cain Abbys

5. Berning EA230, TF12 pre, Quad ESL 63, JMR

6. Counterpoint SA4 OTL, SA9/11 pre + above spkrs

Even with this, I'm still missing a boat load of great gear from cj, ARC, ML, Krell, etc...guess I've actually read a lot more about audio than I've had the opportunity to hear or own systems, and while I'm satisfied with what I own, would still like to have the opportunity to hear other gear - which is what makes this hobby fun.
I rubbed a lamp and got slapped with a sexual harrasement lawsuit and a restraining order..looks like 1 system for me