Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k

I’m looking for a DAC/Streamer single unit, willing to spend up to $7-8k & not opposed to something like a recent model/demo/open box unit.  The only streamer/DAC experience I’ve had so far with my gear connected is with an Aurender A200 on demo from a dealer. Said dealer says it’s the “benchmark” at this general price point.  IDK,  It sounds great, but what would I likely hear differently with the following units?

-Meitner MA3

-HiFi Rose 150b

-Lumin T3 or P1



I had the hi rose 130 transport snd sold it after a week. In my system it had no life and no jump factor. I was very disappointed. I thought the Eversolo A8  was better.

I finally happened to get a deal on a aurender N200 and the foot tapping came back. The N200 was just so natural sounding. Everything just sounded correct. I only do local streaming from internal ssd. The n200 connected to my Pass 250 and Holo May KTE is just magic . I also use a Cardas hi speed usb cable. They do take a minute to break in. 

First, A big thank you to everyone for chiming in  on this purchase decision.  I now have a great combo of streamer (HiFi Rose 250A) + DAC (Denafrips venus2, 12th anniversary.).  Total cost to me was $4780.  I started with a strong consideration for a Aurender A200($6300+ tax). So glad I went with the combo of separates I did.  Sound quality I’m already enjoying from the Denafrips blows away the Aurender.  Not even close.  Even when I add the fancy cables (Cardas HS USB, AQ Ethernet) I’m well below what I would’ve paid alone for the A200 (without cables).  

*Another massive pleasant surprise is that the HiFi Rose app is brilliant!  Better than Conductor in every way with the exception that it doesn’t fade out of tracks you’re playing..

Current Rig:

HiFi Rose 250A—>

Denafrips Venus 2–>
ModWright LS100(SE Blue 6SN7’s & NOS Mullard 5AR4)—>
Rogue Audio dragoN—>
Chapman T-7 Speakers(these are 30 yrs old & outperform $30k Magicos and Sonus Fabers!!!!!!!!!!!)