connecting a sub-woofer to a preamp

I recently purchased an Ayre K-5xe MP preamp and would like to connect a sub woofer to my system to augment the bass response of my ET LFT-8 speakers. Previously with a YBA preamp this was just a matter of utilizing one of the additional output jacks.

However with the Ayre this is not the answer.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The Owner's manual is silent in this regard. I've also e-mailed Ayre twice over the past ten with this question and am still waiting for the courtesy of a reply...

Thanks in advance for any advice that you may care to pass along...

Can't you connect them to the speaker cables at the speaker end? Many subs prefer this high impedance connection.
As noromance suggests,  a short run of speaker wire from posts of speaker to speaker input of the subwoofer has worked for me.  This assumes your sub has speaker level and not just line level inputs.

If the sub has a high pass filter you would run a pair of interconnects from the preamp into the subs input then another pair from the subs output to the power amps inputs. Just another option!
I'm running a sub just fine with my K5xemp. Balanced interconnects to my power amps, and two single endedinterconnects to the inputs of my Fathom F113. 
The single-ended outputs are what Charles Hansen recommended for my KX-5 Twenty.  They go to a Velodyne SMS-1 bass manager that controls a pair of Velodyne HGS-10s.  He strongly discouraged inserting anything, e.g., high-pass filter,  between the preamp and VS-5 Twenty amp.  The integration is sufficiently good that I can't identify the subs as a sound source, it just sounds like a pair of full range speakers (KEF LS50s). 

Thank you, Forum members, for each of your responses and suggestions...

In the meantime, since Ido  have a separate home theatre system with its own sub. I tried interchanging the subs in each system. I confirmed that each sub does work in the corresponding system. However, the sub from the home theatre system is of considerably lesser quality, so I do wish to continue to work towards a more satisfactory solution.

So, back to square one... the Paradigm Seismic 10 sub works but not when directly connected to the Ayre preamp.

Subject to receiving any additional opinions, I think that the next solutions to be tried are (1) adding some resistance to the preamp-sub connection, or (2) trying to connect the sub to the LFT-8 speakers.

 I will advise as to what success, I achieve.

I can advise that I am still waiting for a response to my e-mail from Ayre (12 days and counting) and have sent an e-mail inquiry to Paradigm (3 days ago).

Thanks again for all of your good advice,


The sub uses a balanced input connection. The Ayre has a balanced output.

If your main amp is balanced also this is good. Get a Y adapter and hook everything thing together. The Ayre will be able to drive it all. There is no reason why they should not work together.