Crackling noise

I finally have my basic system set up Krell Phantom, Krell 3 channel amp, and Rotel HD CD player, and SF evolution monitors.  All of a sudden I have a low crackling noise and it happens only in one channel.  It's present when I disconnect the CD inputs.  Also it switches from L channel to R channel when I switch the XLR cable; it doesn't happen to both channels.  I switched out for new fuses.  Noise does go away when I turn off the power amp and leave the pre amp on, which should normally happen, right?  Any ideas?  I contacted KRell and they are out of the office.  Just doing preliminary homework until Monday/Tuesday.
I would say that something is wrong in the Krell Phantom. Maybe disconnect all XLR cables from the Phantom. Then connect Phantom left XLR output to one amp channel. Then unplug that XLR cable and plug into the Phantom right XLR output. This will help determine that something is wrong in the Phantom. I did have a similar crackling sound in one of my amps and that had to be serviced.
Hey Auxinput,

Did just as you suggested and the (Red) XLR output is the culprit; crackling/static is heard in whatever speaker is plugged into the port. Once again, many thanks.  Easy fix or send to Krell?
Did you plug both cables into that same port? Make sure its not a short in the cable itself. I had a short in an RCA cable and it sounded as you describe a crackling sound.
Yeah, check to make sure it’s not a bad soldier connection in the cable (or possibly a cold solder or bare wires that are close to touching each other).

if the crackling is definitely coming from Phantom, it’s probably best to send to Krell. Most likely it’s a bad/loose solder or wire, but it could be any component / resistor / capacitor going bad.
Yes I plugged both cables in the same port and both times it occurred.  It did happen when I plugged the cables in the Grey(left) XLR port. My dealer asked me to try w the rca cable to see if I’ll get a similar result.