Crackling Noise From Brand New Audio System

I recently received a new Audio Technica AT-LP120XBT-USB turntable as a gift. I then paired that turntable with a pair of Klipsch Reference 35W 2-Way Powered speakers. However, after setting up the turntable and connecting the speakers, the right/powered speaker sounded excellent, but the left/passive speaker was crackling, so I exchanged those speakers for a new set of the exact same Klipsch speakers in hopes that the speaker was just defective, but I'm having the same problem where the right speaker sounds great, but the left speaker is crackling. I tried making the connection a bit better by adjusting the wires, but the left speaker won't stop crackling. I have no idea what to do. I contacted Klipsch, but they haven't gotten back to me. I just want to know if the problem is coming from the speakers, the connection between the two speakers, or from my turntable. If the problem is with the turntable, then why would the crackling be coming from just the one speaker? If anyone has some insight as to what is happening, I would really appreciate a response.
Try this...

-reverse rca’s
-try a different source (phone with a 3.5mm to rca’s willwork
-try a different pair of rcas

what you are trying to do is localize the problem so start changing things 1 at a time 

my guess is that its a faulty rca cable that is broken somewhere and barely making contact
I tried using some speakers which had been dormant for 5+ years and got some nasty crackling. I think the caps in the crossover had dried up. After a few uses they came around and worked fine.
So you've replaced the speakers with a replacement pair? Then it's unlikely both are faulty. Disconnect the turntable.  Turn up the speaker volume. Any crackling? If not, then your turntable is the issue. Ensure cartridge wires are pushed home. Swap left and right cables from turntable to speaker. Does crackling swap sides? If so, it's the turntable (or even the cables.)
I had the same “crackling” . I had this in my second streaming only system. It was driving me batty! I switched amps,I switched speakers. Still a low level crackling. I finally replaced the cable from my Bluesound Node 2,to my DAC, BINGO! No more crackling.