Crimping tool?

Any recommendations for an inexpensive crimping tool for fastening this contact terminal on to 22 awg wire?   Thx!


Molex 63811-1000 Service Grade Hand Crimping Tool is the Cadillac. But this or similar would do the job if you only have a few connections:



If you’re looking for inexpensive you may have a hard time with this. The crimper shown above will mangle those terms. I have a drawer full of these types for Amphenol, Molex and other aerospace pins but that doesn’t help. Have you looked online for electronics surplus sales? Sometimes they have this type of stuff “used”.

Try this link and see if you think it’s worth the chance. If you’re careful you might be able to pull it off! They’re in Los Angeles but I think they can ship- good luck!

D sub crimp

If you know how to solder (any audio enthusiast should really learn, if they don't already know how):

1) strip the wire to be attached to the connector

2) with a Needle Nose Pliers; delicately crimp the wire to the connector

3) for extra added conductivity, add a small amount of solder to the connection

^ and a depinning tool

Machine crimps nearly fuse the connector and wire into a solid. It's almost impossible to achieve with a hand tool.

Assuming it's a one-time connection and is for audio, better results are obtained by soldering the wire to the header holes. All connectors are audible.

Why limit yourself to a cheap tool.  You get what you pay for right?
A few good suggestions above but not the wirer stripper tool, that is a piece of junk IMO and we have tried many.


Change the pin type, to something better. Otherwise use cheap crimp and solder it to get good contact. This is the spec for a very good crimp short of using a swaging tool. MIL-DTL-22520 link to example

Ideally, you want a tool that has jaws shaped like this.

They are shaped to roll the crimp and strain-relief then punch them down to 'bite' the wire. This is very difficult to do correctly with normal crimper or needle-nose pliers, etc. (almost impossible with soft copper/brass/silver/gold connectors).

Not the only tool available that will do the job, but one that will crimp correctly...



You are welcome, once upon a time I did a lot of DOD work as an engineer, amazing how much can be used in high end audio with great results. You can get this an Homedepot, but there are less expensive uncertified tools of the same design available there.