custom built rack's.

ive looked at hunderd's of rack's within the last few weeks from all kind's of different manufacturer's & so far none will fit my needs,either they all are too weak or the shelve's are not spaced far enough apart to accomodate my amp's.

does anybody have a clue as to where to buy a rack that will hold the weight of several monster amp's & have shelve's that are spaced atleast 14 inche's apart,also the rack will need to be able to handle 800 to 1,000 lbs of gear safely.

im not oposed to having a rack custom built but im clueless as to what companies build to order & how long such an order would take or even the price range to have this done.

if worse come's to worse i have some super nice black walnut plank's that ive been saving for a special project that i could build my own out of but i would prefer to just buy a rack.

any ideas ?

The Acoustic Dreams and the Symposium racks are built like tanks and look great. Also the Rix Rax racks are really nice and he does custom work, he will build you anything you want.

Acoustic dreams

Symposium Acoustics

Rix Rax
Speak with Chris at
He'll make whatever you want.

I ordered a Billy Bags Rack, Pro 1.5 and was able to specify the spacing of each shelve without any extra cost. You could order one with a 30" space, then 2", then 7 1/2", then 4 inches, etc. etc. They do charge for more odd designs. I was very pleased with the fast shipping to my dealer. I am very happy with it. The Salamander Synergy would not hold up to the wt. you are talking about but they are attractive racks.
You can also build a Salamander clone any way you want. These are extremely strong. You just need some threaded rod @ 3/4". For wood on mine I used a sheet of finish plywood. Cut it into four 2'x4' pieces and bolted it together. This is a double wide one that is just right for all the stuff I have. Being 24" deep it's plenty deep to set even a very large power amp(s) on. Putting the amps on bottom also helps stabilize it even more but it's strong as heck anyway. Another thing I like about this rack is that the shelves are adjustable. Cost to do it myself was under 200 bucks if I remember correctly.
I would have my wife or girlfriend get estimates from several plastic surgeons before you go out and just "buy a rack".
Agreed. I have the Salamander Synergy 40/20 for my secondary system and it is just fine. It all comes to about 400-500lbs. But I am keeping the power amp on the bottom of the bottom module and the UPS/line controller on the bottom of the top module so that both are on 1.5 shelves which are supported by the extrusions, not the shelf brackets.

If you have 800-1000lbs, I'd go with steel-frame and fixed shelves.
Bigjoe, you didn't mention a budget. I hate it when people say this or that is the absolute "BEST" of anything as subjective as that is. That said, I have tried enough isolation products and racks to make most people puke and FOR MY MONEY and tastes, (and based on my needs and preferences) NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING has held a candle to Silent Running Audio products. Don't let their deceptively simple yet elegant exterior fool you - there is a ton of scientific design and science behind them and the amount of labor that goes into them is staggering. Kevin does the resonance control for billion dollar nuclear submarines so he knows a thing or two about resonance control.

His Craz Racks can be made to order and will hold a small country (in weight). My rack, with NOTHING on it weighs in at almost 600 lbs. What I like most is that you do not have to pay a sonic price for the immense improvement in sound. There is no downside like there was with so many others I have tried.

If you want to know more about the Craz Rack and the science behind it, e-mail me off line or call Kevin at SRA - they don't come any nicer or more knowledgable.

A-Gon member Hooper is also an SRA proponent and may chime in here.

I hope this helps - good luck in your search.
If you're headed that direction (SRA) and that kind of $$$ you really should talk to Joe at Critical Mass Systems. He has isolation platforms that simply slide into a rack. You can kind of pay as you go as you add "shelves" if they could be called that. One of the nicest things (besides great sound) is that they do NOT have to be tuned to the specific component, weight, or load balance up to reasonable limits (130#). I have several on order for my Joule gear after listening to the Rites of Passage at his house as well as the words of Jud Barber and Bobby at Merlin.
thank's guy's, lot's of great place's to look,i have a bunch of research to do before i decide on what rack i'll be going with .

im not really too hip on building my own rack even though i have all the tool's & some fantastic wood that's perfect for a rack but after i add up all the time it would take me to build my own plus the value of the wood im pretty sure buying a rack will be cheaper.

fmpd, i didnt mention a budget because i know so little about how much a rack to fit my need's will actually cost that i thought it premature to decide on a budget, i did email you though for more info.
I agree wholeheartdely with Fmpnd. The Silent Running Audio Craz rack is, IMHO, the way to go. It can be custom built to your EXACT specifications, and will probably survive a direct hit from a tactical nuke! It's overbuilt to an absolutely absurd degree, and you can be certain that NO vibrations will be getting to your gear if they're sitting on a Craz. I am a very happy owner. I looked at numerous racks, and none came within a country mile of the Craz's blend of style, ruggedness, and performance. Components will come and go in my system, but a Craz will remain at the heart of my rig until I draw my last breath. THAT'S how much I love mine. Oh, and it helps that the owner of SRA, Kevin Tellekamp, is one of the nicest guys you'll ever hope to meet. Just one man's opinion, FWIW.
Hi Bigjoe. Although they wont fit your MC1200s, the Sanus Euro furniture have worked well for me. They are relatively inexpensive, and very sturdy. My MC1000 amps required me to buy the optional 12" risers, but with those I was able to stack 2 MC1000's and an MC2000 vertically with no problem. The furniture with threaded posts that I have seen look good but are not stable enough for this kind of weight. They tend to sway when nudged or jarred. The Sanus stuff is of simple, sturdy design. It is purchased by the shelf, which makes additions and upgrades easy. My 2 cents.
Hi again Bigjoe. I forgot to mention that the Sanus Euro bases make great amp racks, and will accomodate almost any amp, including yours. Good Luck.