Dead Can Dance reissues - not happy

I recently purchased Into the Labyrinth, the Debut, and Towards the Within based on positive feedback.  Well, I am very disappointed in the sound quality.  It sounds forced, bright, and, well frankly, overdone.  Is the MOFI like this or should i just get the originals for a few more bucks?
I would get the UK originals. Into The Labyrinth should be around $100 on ebay or discogs. Towards The Within about the same, maybe a little less.
I don't buy reissues, including MoFi, though I didn't hea DCD reissues.
Timely tip: the original 4AD label CDs but not Warner Bros are spectacular.
For cds I recommend original Japanese - much better than any other originals, don't know about reissues.
funny you said that, I was thinking, my CD sounds better than this.  it is a 4ad I purchased from years ago
I compared the original 4AD, the MoFi, and the redo on vinyl from a couple years ago- I suspect that the redo was digitally mastered, and couldn’t verify when DCD stopped recording analog. The MoFi is a little ’chestier" and than the original 4AD; the redo had more hi frequency info. On my system, it wasn’t bright or forced, but the original pressing is very good. The MoFi, if you can still get it, is close enough, though a little thicker in the upper bass/lower midrange. The MoFi had a channel reversal at some point in production that may have been fixed, I don't know.
I lowered my VTA so it is better but it still seems pretty hot to me.  maybe less with a MM cartridge
My copy sucks. With digital, the shakers on the opening track pop out in front of my speakers and sound real. With my vinyl copy, they sound flat and they are not as tightly spaced. This is just one example that holds true for the entire album. It is not my deck-most of my records sound better and a good number sound wayyy better. 
I have the originals which don’t sound unduly bright....big, spacious, excellent.  Are you sure about your cartridge installation/adjustment?
I have all original UK pressings  - they are all superb.  Listening to Aion at the moment - sublime.
i am beginning to think ya got to have the originals for my kind of listening preference.
My MoFi releases sound great (I have very low serial numbers). However, I am partial to the MoFi digital remasters on hybrid CD/SACD (played through my Ayre CX-7e mp). The Redbook layer is stellar. I’ll pull out the box set vinyl copies in the morning for a comparison. 
Yeah, get the originals, I saw them all on ebay lately.
Let me be a little sadistic for a moment - I got original UK white label promo of the Aion album. I can't find any other DCD promo, I do have Japanese first release of the Spleen and Ideal - yeah, better than the UK as I remember, I got rid of the UK one a long time ago.
well, after a few plays Into the Labyrinth sounds good enough that i will not pursue the MoFi or the UK. Hmmm. what a difference a few plays make.

Playing a record for the first few times; Is "Polishing the groove"  
This comment has nothing to do with the latest reissues, but with the DCD Volume 1 (black) box set...

Try listening to the instrumental track on the 19.11.1983 John Peel Sessions disk at 33 1/3 rather than 45 RPM. I like it better at the slower speed. 
I bought The Cars self titled and Shake It Up both MoFi and although the are clean they sound forced to me. I bought Heartbeat City remaster from the original analog and it blows the MoFi's away. Don't think I'll be buying any more MoFi's except the for 50 packs of inner sleeves. Those are some awesome inner sleeves and I clean all of my new LP's on a Record Doctor using the Nitty Gritty #2 solution and replace the inner sleeves. 
I just received the MOFI today and from listening for a few minutes, I can confirm Wharts findings to be accurate and I also found on the MOFI some distracting distortions early on side one where the MoFi actually reversed the channels from the original. The reissue is better.
After listening to side 1 of the MOFI, it does not sound right. Sounds like channels are reversed.  Maybe the rest of the record is better, but for side one, the reissue is much better.