Devore 093 compared to o96

I have the o93, and with my Thoress amps I haven’t heard anything better. But I’m wondering as we do in this hobby.

who has upgraded from the o93 to the o96 and what were your findings?


I'm running mine with Thoress 845 and Thoress ff preamp.


thanks for your info and time.




If you love the sound stay put. Larger bass drive moves more air "however" that may not be a good thing in your room, or any room. 

With that size room you could move to the O/96. Yes, I have heard both and have owned the O/93's for five years. Despite looking so similar they sound quite different. The O/93 is a bit buttoned-up, neutral, and true to the recording. The O/96 has something magical that I describe as "alive". It boogies. It makes the music propulsive and fun. It is not a carnival mirror though. The O/96 is more akin to the great loudspeakers Volti is producing. If you don't find yourself involuntarily tapping your toes to the O/96 you are either dead or there is something very wrong with your system. With either, you owe it to yourself to try the Auditorium 23 speaker cables. If I had your larger sized room my personal preference is for the O/96. Hope this helps. 

Hi, I am using the Auditorium 23 cables and like them very much.


i was thinking the room would be a good fit with the o96, but the o93 is a fine speaker with its own jump factor in my experience.


thanks for the info and your time.



i was thinking the room would be a good fit with the o96, but the o93 is a fine speaker with its own jump factor in my experience.

I don't take any pleasure in saying that the O/96 is the more enjoyable speaker. Audition a pair at a dealer, show, or find someone who is nice enough to let you listen to theirs and see for yourself. You asked and I responded :-) 

They are VERY different loudspeakers. There is a long thread by Prof you could likely find with a search. Prof is probably the most articulate and eloquent writer as to sound ever to write on this Board. In that thread in which he looks at alternatives to his Thiels and ultimately chooses the Joseph Audio Perspectives he praises the two Devores but discusses their differences. I found the thread for you. 


No, not offended or anything.


I have read that guys threads your right he has a way with words.


i feel I need to hear them in my room, which will mean taking the leap.


i recently added quite a bit of acoustic treatment and what a difference that made.


hearing the speakers somewhere else with other amps and gear isn’t going to give me a true picture I don’t think.


the guy I bought my o93’s from said he thought the o96 was 10 percent better than the o93. That’s his experience. He also said the bass was more pronounced as well as the tone sounded more real.

music is art and art is subjective. I thought hearing from actual owners would give me my best chance at what the differences are.

Reading what someone thinks about them but chooses another speaker just muddies the waters for me.

the tone of the devores are just right with my setup.


having the bigger speaker seems like there would just be more of that.


thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.





the guy I bought my o93’s from said he thought the o96 was 10 percent better than the o93. That’s his experience. He also said the bass was more pronounced as well as the tone sounded more real.

That too is a very valid summation. Art Dudley and Tom Gillette (aka Sam Telling) seemed to prefer the O/93's. Besides the slight discontinuity/wrinkle in the midrange, the O/93's have a tendency to sound wide, high, but flat (lack of depth) that the O/93's don't have (there is depth of field to the O/96's). 

I have reached the age and point in life where I am done chasing for something better. At some point for any given person there really is no better-just different. I love the O/93's. I bought a pair of Spendor D7.2's brand new from Galen Carol about two years after buying the O/93's and regret that purchase. They do little wrong but just don't make me smile. I also have a pair of original B&W 805 Matrix that bought new way back in early oughts and I had modified with better crossover caps and internal wiring by John of Van L Speakerworks in Chicago and I really need to pull them out and give them a turn. Imho, there is something magical about those speakers that only got worse and not better in subsequent iterations. 

I’m giving consideration to DeVore speakers so appreciating comments here. It led me to the Prof’s long post and the Stereophile reviews..

It seems listening distance can be critical with both the O/93 and O/96. Perhaps that is the problem Herb found since his room is quite small and I believe he listens at a short distance.

For me, my room and budget would guide me to the O/93.

I have owned a bunch of different speakers, the tone of a cymbal or vocals is just spot on for what I find to be real sounding. Devore O93 does it

none of the other speakers did that.

I do believe you have to have synergy and with the Thoress amps and preamp, well they play very well together.


I have the luxury to pull my speakers up to 7 feet into the room so a lot of room to adjust for best placement.


thanks again


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I currently own 96 and my friend owns 93. I have compared these two on other occasions as well. Believe it or not, I actually prefer 93 sound. 96, in hifi terms def do sound better(sound stage, bass, dynamics, treble extension) but 96 has its cons compare to 93. 96 at times can be too much in your face. Where as 93 sounds much more relaxed and balanced. 93 is better for long and comfortable listening session. 96 image bigger than the 93. 96 sounds almost like a proper horn speaker with dynamics on steroids. Its very exciting sound. maybe too exciting for my taste. I had a hard time finding right gears to match with 96 to tame this overwhelming dynamics. I have used 845 tube amps in the past with the 96. First impression was amazing, no doubt about it. Sounded like watching a huge fire work going off the sky. But it was too much in the end. Where as when I heard the 845 tube with the o/93, the balance was just right. It was not fatiguing at all whereas 96 with 845 was fatiguing after 30 min of listening. I currently use Supratek Pre with Firstwatt, Accuphase power amps and 6l6 tube integrated. They all sound dark. and this had to be done to somewhat tame o/96 overwhelming liveliness. Sources are soft sounding r2r DACs and soft sounding cartridge from zyx. Cables are warm sounding Cardas to again, tame the fatiguing upper midrange. 93 has def more choice of gears and cables for me because it is more forgiving speaker and I can enjoy it with variety of amps and sources.

FWIW, a Devore dealer felt that the 96 was significantly better than the 93.  I only demoed the 96 and loved the sound.

I’ve demoed the best/latest speakers I could find at high-end audio shows and many dealerships.  The 96 is one of the most musical speakers with detail that I’ve ever heard and likely will own a pair someday.  

I have owned both, and compared them side by side. I prefer the O/96 and now in my 7th year with these speakers.

However 0/93 speakers are much easier to get right, easier to place, easier to find amp match etc, easier with room sizes. O/96 is more finicky, it took me a long long time to find the right room/amp/placing for these speakers (years...). But they are worth it and are IMHO end-game speakers unless you have stupid-money for uber-speakers (and they might still not necessarily beat the O/96).

I am very curious to hear from people who have upgraded from O/96 to O/Bronze or the limited edition O Twenties, but guess it's still early days.