DeVore Gibbon X v. Vandersteen Quattro Wood CT w/Ayre AX5/20

My current system consists of Aerial Model 9s fed by an Ayre AX-5 Twenty integrated, a Lampizator Atlantic balanced plus dac, and a Mircorendu playing up sampled dsd 512. I have a nice sized room, 16'x24'x7.5'. Ceiling is a bit low.

I am looking to upgrade my speakers to something I can live with for 10 years or more. I tend to like speakers and gear described as natural and musical. I prefer a somewhat laid back presentation and prefer warm(ish) over ultradetailed. My current short list is  the Devore Gibbon X and the Vandy Quattro CT. I would like to spend about $15k, but could go as high as $20k if necessary.

 I spent a lot of time in the DeVore room at this past RMAF. I loved the Super 9s (but was not as wowed by the O93 and 96, which get rave reviews). John D told me that the Gibbon X is largely a better version of the Super 9 that will work better in a larger room such as mine. On a trip to NYC in April, I intend to audition the Xs at a shop in Manhattan.  I have heard the Vandys on multiple occasions at RMAF and will audition them soon at Audio Alternative in Fort Collins, Colo.

Even though I will get to audition both of these, it will be under very different circumstances than I have at home, smaller room, different electronics, etc. Thus, I am trying to get feedback from others who know these speakers.

I also have some interest in the Vandy 5a Carbon but wonder if my room is too small and my amp lacking enough power. I may also check out the Spatial x2.

Any iput will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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I've not heard any of these, sorry (other than non-CT Quatro). Just stopping by to point out that the AX-5 Twenty should be more than adequate for 5A Carbon. As with the Quatro, the powered sub-woofers will relieve the amp of those more difficult duties. With either Vandersteen model, you will need to get Ayre install an internal bypass. Apparently they do this for many Vandy owners. CTSooner can chime in here . . .
I was looking at either of these nice speakers recently,and I think considering your sonic preferences that either one would work for you.I almost bought the ct wood that was on audiogon,they already sold though,but I found a deal on Lawrence audio double bass,been kinda drooling on those since they came out.I never have had much luck auditioning speakers or other gear outside of my own system so I just generally buy and try.I will be comparing the Lawrence with my Silverline Bolero supremes and the best will stay.

I owned the 0/96 about 5 yrs ago but were just to small for my bigger room at that time.

I agree that your amp should be plenty of pwr for either,and best of luck to you.

I would contact John Rutan at audioconnection. He sells Vandy and knows just about all the manufacturers. He can give you the best advice, without trying to sell you something.

and, yes, your Ayre amp should work w]fine with Vandy's. -A very good match.
I have no experience with DeVore, but I can honestly say you will be living with Vandy's for the rest of your life.
I would just use the Vandy x-overs and leave the amp alone, as it will be hard to sell later if you want to upgrade. And if the OP is buying new, they should come with the speakers anyway.

Thanks for the helpful responses. Anyone have experience with both the Vandy and the DeVore?

Is the 5a carbon a no go with my room size?

With the Vandy, if I use the x-over instead of the high pass, do I insert the x-over between the integrated and the dac?


The AX-5 is an integrated amp. Vandersteen's external filter, applied between the pre-amp and amp, cannot be used with integrateds. You need Ayre to install an identically performing filter between the pre-amp and amp sections. They can also remove this for resale. It's not a big deal other than you have to send the amp to Ayre. There are probably dozens of Ayre integrateds that have been modified for use with Vandies. @ctsooner knows all about this, among others.
5a Carbon will work great in your room
i have 7 mk2 but had 5a for many years
guy i know fairly well has similar size room as you, 5a carbon and a REF75se...... sweet sonics....for sure...

i have heard the Devore but only under what i would term ( my words! ) poor show conditions.

i believe Don Better in Cleveland carries both Vandersteen and Devore, Don has keen ear, professional musician in Cleveland who runs audio shop also. I know he had 7 at one time. He might be a solid opinion to gather between what i would say are two VERY different sonic approaches.

enjoy and have fun !!!!!
I've heard both and prefer the Vandersteen. However I prefer the O series Devore to the Gibbon.
two VERY different sonic approaches.
I've never heard a DeVore but they consistently receive positive reviews. But, yeah, Richard Vandersteen and John DeVore are near polar opposites regarding their approach to speaker design!