Digital power cord for tube amp?

Is there any reason NOT to use a heavy gauge digital power cord on a tube amp? If so, can you explain in layman's terms?

I have a Dynamic Design Spirit AE and it seems pretty hefty. Was considering trying on my tube amp, but I have monoblocs, so considering getting a second.  



In layman's terms, there is no such thing as digital power cord, heavy duty or otherwise.  Power cords convey AC (60Hz sine-wave and analog).

IMO, better to just focus on the sonic properties you’re looking for more than size, especially for lower power level components. 

Well some pc like my Shunyata Python VX contain FeSi for noise reduction. Just for kicks some years ago tried on preamp, not good. I assume all digital pc would have added shielding, may result in overly damped, darkened, veiled sound quality when used with non-digital equipment.

It will work fine if it can handle the requisite amperage.


Lots of silly stuff follows.

Take a look at the Zavfino power cords - they are amazingly fast because they use UP-OCC copper - or even silver if oyu have the budget

They are well suited for digital components because of their dynamic performance, whihc is also due to their advanced cable geometry.

Hope that helps - Steve

A number of manufacturers manufacture different lines of power cords designed for digital components, for instance Shunyata. The digital is designed primarily with noise reduction as opposed to passing massive current. I haven’t experienced a really heavy duty power cord labeled digital. But, then, for a given system it is typically most important to try several cords and make a decision based on what they do to the sound quality.

Each company proports to one or more defining parameter or material that makes them superior… but it is so system dependent that it is not worth speculating on mechanisms and just seeking whatever sounds best. I have tried dozens of brands and texted for many hundreds of hours. I can only conclude that in low cost interconnects and power cords copper tend to be warmest, silver coated copper is midway, and all silver highly detailed but prone to shrill and fatiguing. Higher quality ones are completely dependent on the companies proprietary concoction.



Before you buy a second PC you should hook up the existing one you have now to one of the mono amps and listen to it for a week or two. Then reinstall the previous PC you were using. You should immediately hear a difference. For better or worse...

FWIW as a rule tube power amps don’t like shielded PCs for the reasons @sns stated in his post.

Also from what I understand the Dynamic Design Spirit AE is heavily shielded and specifically designed to be used on digital equipment. I couldn’t find anything stating the wire gauge of the conductors used in the PC. I assume the equivalent wire gauge for the hot and neutral current carrying conductors is 14ga, good for 15 amps. Not all that big for a tube power amp,... It depends on the size of your mono amps and how loud you listen, and the type of music you listen to.

Jmho, I would buy non shielded PCs for tube power amps.


I think the OP is referencing using a “shielded power cord” vs a standard un shielded type PC.

I only use shielded PC on my DAC, CD and Streaming transports. This wa on the advice of Frank at Signal Cable.


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In layman's terms, there is no such thing as digital power cord, heavy duty or otherwise.  Power cords convey AC (60Hz sine-wave and analog).

Thank you all for the kind words, explanations, and suggestions. Yes, I didn't mean a 'digital' power cord, just one that was designed for use with digital sources. Not knowing the EXACT differences between the two types, I was thinking it might quiet the amp in some way, which it probably won't. However, I AM going to try jea48's suggestion and swap one in on one on my monos. If there is anything to report, I will.