Do I need speakers upgrade?

I am considering to ugrade my current speakers Proac Studio 140MK2 that will work well in a relatively small listening room. My setup is :
Amp: Mcintosh MC 152
Pre/DAC: Mcintosh D 100
Cables: Tellurium Q, Wireworld, QED & Audioqest .
CD transport : Cambridge Audio CXC .

Room Dimensions:10 ’ W x 13’ L x 9’ H.

The Proac Response D48R is in my first priority .

Second priority : Monitor Audio PL200 II or PSB Imagine t3.

Currently I am very happy with my setup detailed ,neutral and punchy but I feel that my amplification can do much more but I am afraid that my room dimensions is not enough for the speakers I mentioned above for upgrade ? and if do will it be a big step up from my current Proac’s ? and last question what is the best speakers option for me ?

I sit  9' far from the speakers and the space between them is about 6.5'.stand-mounted speakers is not an option for me I don't like them it's more easy for them to "disappear " in space but always find them restrain and laidback compare to floor speakers .
Spend money on room acoustics first. They will make your room more speaker and sub friendly.

GIK Acoustics for advice.
Don't get me wrong I am very statisfy with my setup and there is nothing wrong with it however I think I am ready for higher step up
for my system this is why I am considering speakers upgrade one of the 3 options I mentioned .
You absolutely need the bigger Proacs. Don't let anyone tell you differently.